KoiStarter Launch Celebration Airdrop

Total reward: 10,000 CTR

Winners: 500 users

Schedule: Nov 16, 2021 — Nov 20, 2021

How to participate and claim

1. Follow Creator ANN and KosStarter Announcement

2. Join Creator Group and KoiStarter Group

3. Follow Creator and KoiStarter Twitter

4. Chat with our bot @koistarter_airdrop_bot and completed all the required tasks


- Creator will randomly pick 500 users who have fulfilled required tasks.

- The winners’ list will be released on Creator’s Twitter and Telegram channel on Tuesday, Nov 23 and tokens will be distributed after 10 days since the winner’s announcement.

Creator has all rights to decide and distribute CTR tokens to the winners.

- We will check all the participants so make sure you complete all mandatory tasks. Those with unfulfilled tasks will not get any reward.

To celebrate the launch of KoiStarter and Staking function, Creator is excited to open a quiz for everyone to learn about our project and earn great rewards.

Answer the questions in THIS FORM to participate in.

Total rewards: $750 USDT

End time: 10 PM UTC, Nov 14, 2021

50 earliest participants with all correct answers will become the winners and get a $15 USDT reward.


  • Creator is fully responsible for the selection and distribution process of this airdrop.
  • We will not be showing the right answers after you’ve submitted your response to avoid people using multiple wallets after they know the correct answers.

Learn more about Koistarter and Creator Staking here:



Find out more about Creator on our official website and social channels

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Creator is delighted to introduce KoiStarter — A cutting-edge and secure launchpad powered by Creator Platform. Community members will be able to invest in up-and-coming blockchain startups.

As a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform, we kept key considerations in mind when thinking of what is next on our development roadmap. With KoiStarter…

Creator No Code Smart Contract MVP had officially been launched on Oct 5th. On this first MVP launching, some smart contracts are available, including ERC-20 , ERC-721, ERC-1155 — the most familiar smart contracts in the field.

To help everyone experience an interesting journey on our MVP, Creator team decided…

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