AMA Session Recap: Creator with TheBlockMint

On August 24th, Creator participated in an informative AMA session in TheBlockMint’s community. The AMA was successfully held with the involvement of the project’s CEO and CTO, with a wonderful reaction from the community and many outstanding questions answered.

Catch a glimpse of what transpired in the discussion below.


I will now mute the chat and only admins can post. I, on behalf of The BlockMint, would like to take this time to welcome @chinngo_ctr and @tony_ctr for joining us today and introducing our community to Creator. I will be asking the initial questions. Once I am done I will open up the dialogue to the community so they may get answers directly from Creator Team


Hello guys, how are you doing today?

Tony Tran

I’m feeling Fantastic!!!

Chin Ngo

So excited!!



Let’s begin

Could you please introduce yourself so everyone can know more about you guys?

Tony Tran

Hi everyone from all over the world!

My name is Tony Tran- the CEO and Co-Founder of Creator. It’s my honor to be here with TheBlockMint to share with you about our brainchild Creator.

My journey in the IT industry started over 15 years ago. I believe it is a remarkable milestone which is not too short for everyone working in the industry.

For almost ten years, I’ve been working with next-gen technologies such as AI, IoT, and Blockchain.

I’ve progressed from a JAVA developer to a businessman managing VMO Group, which is currently one of the top ten IT businesses in Vietnam.

My experience spreads from all IT-related to business-related topics.

To be honest, I’m a tech geek at heart, therefore I never miss out on any technological changes, such as front-end and back-end apps, programming languages, and the current market trend of crypto and blockchain.

I believe with all my heart and my brain, Creator will be a rising star in the Blockchain Sky and empower the economy.

My friend Mr.Chin Ngo — Creator’s CTO will also share about him

Chin Ngo

Thank you Mr Tony

Good day everyone! It’s my pleasure to be here today, guys

My name is Chin Ngo. I am the CTO of Creator and technical leader of VMO AI.

I’ve worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. For the last 5 years, I have worked as a blockchain developer at a top 8 outsourced IT firm, where I have successfully led several projects based on various platforms like Etherum, HyperLedger, and Polkadot. At a top three IT firm in Vietnam, I am also renowned as an AI/ML and IOT specialist.

Aside from issue solving, I am in charge of establishing the necessary strategies and policies, and I am ultimately responsible for creating, planning, executing, and integrating VMO AI’s strategic direction.


Thank you for the detailed introduction. It’s great to have such experienced people with us :)

How did you enter the crypto space and how your background contributed to your early success?

Tony Tran

Yeah, long story short

The high speed rise of blockchain technology and its business applications has paved the way for the growth of the cryptocurrency market as well as opportunities in the industry and economy.

We have no doubts about the market’s potential.

As a businessman, I’ve seen both good and bad days in the market, but I still believe in the market’s potential and there is still massive volume to enter the market.

Check out the market this week. It’s really a good signal for a long term

As the CEO of a leading tech firm in Vietnam — the current IT hub, I accept the duty of steering our ship along a successful route

Chin Ngo

Well, for me, I have substantial work experience in blockchain like Etherum, HyperLedger, Polkadot and many other different platforms.

I am a professional at product definition/development and also excellent at proposing solutions for many blockchain products/projects.


[In reply to Tony Tran]

With the experience you have, the ship is indeed in good hands

Chin Ngo



Great, so shall we move on to the next question?

Tony Tran,

Sure, can’t wait to share more things


Please tell us about your core team members and resources?

Tony Tran


We are lucky to have a great team and have great partners!

Creator is proudly supported by a strong team of blockchain experts, design masters, and development talents.

All of our developers have over 5 years of experience and a working professional network in the field from different continents.

Most importantly, Creator is backed by VMO Group, one of Vietnam’s top 10 IT companies and a company leading in the blockchain field.

In addition, Creator is partnering with big investors such as Master Ventures, Kardia Ventures, Exnetwork, etc, they are all our strategic long-term partners.

That’s about Creator’s team !


That sounds great!

What is your project exactly and can you tell us more about your vision?

Chin Ngo

Yeah, waiting for this question!

Creator is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the NFT, DeFi and Blockchain economy.

Creator has an incredibly friendly UI and multiple enhanced background services. By filling out some initial information and a few clicks, any one (with or without IT/Blockchain skills) can simply go-live a Smart Contract or DApp.

Chin Ngo

Creator’s chain is based on Polkadot/Substrate for true interoperability, user-driven network governance and customizations that focus on Defi, NFT and other Blockchain Services.

Furthermore, Creator wants to concentrate on Developers. Our Low Code Dapp enables everyone to construct DApps and use blockchain even if they lack blockchain knowledge; meanwhile, companies may integrate blockchain into their DeFi, payment apps, supply chain operations, etc for transparency and cost effectiveness.

Tony Tran

Great, Chin!

Remember the 1st day we sit down together and discussed on this concept?

Chin Ngo

Yeah, can’t forget that day

Tony Tran

We want to contribute not only for the community but also for the world’s demand


[In reply to Tony Tran]

I’m sure you are going to do a great work with the kind of vision and experience you have

Tony Tran

You are right!


Could you give us an overview of tokenomics? How about the IDO plan? Where and when do you plan to launch?

Tony Tran

Pretty sure !

Let me share with you our token allocation:

Our token is symbolized as CTR and has 150,000,000 of supply and has been allocated as the picture shows.

Tony Tran

Hey hey ! Gear up guys! I’d love to share about Creator IDO date and time!

Creator will launch on 2 launch pads: Ignition — Paid network and MoonStarter; and both will take place on 8 September.

For the IDO on Ignition Paid, Creator will have a fixed allocation of 3,000,000 CTR tokens to purchase for holders at a fixed price of $0.1.

There will be a fixed allocation of 1,000,000 CTR tokens on Moonstarter Launchpad for purchase at a fixed price of $0.1.

Follow us and stay tuned!


Cool. Thanks for letting the community know about it

Moving on to the next question

Chin Ngo

Can’t wait!


What are the major utilities of holding the Creator native token? How does the team plan to enhance its further value so as to attract users onboard?

Chin Ngo

Yeah, I’d love to tackle this question!

Tony Tran

I believe this question is for Mr.Chin Ngo

Chin Ngo

CTR token can be used to pay fees for the BaaS infrastructure and any transactions on Creator platform.

In the meantime, holders can use CTR to buy NFT of creation products on the marketplace, which is interchangeable for loyalty points, vouchers, gifts or parachain rewards.

You can also swap from any other token via DeFi protocol. Holders can increase their member’s rank and exploit more benefits in the ecosystem.

CTR is interoperable with other chains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and Binance. Creator commits to offer you an optimized cost, full fit service, and shorten go-live time.

Chin Ngo

Our token is designed to guarantee the stable development of Creator project and also raise the benefit of buyers/investors.

We are also considering deploying Defi services to help holders earn benefits such as Staking and Farming, one of the upgrading paths that we’ll provide the community in the near future.

More will come. Join us and see!


Thanks for the detailed response

We now move on to the second round of the AMA session where we pose question to the team that we received via Twitter

Q: A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how is Creator Platform planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the Creator Platform team? (@V8Quang)

Tony Tran

Glad you ask about this!

It’s an opportunity for me to introduce our Creator Ambassador program to you guys.

First of all, I have to say that through our accomplishments, we have our community besides us, making us better and stronger every day.

We’re grateful for their herculean support and contribution to take us closer to our goals.

In an effort to give back to our community, we provide the opportunity of a lifetime for everyone who wishes to watch Creator Network soar.

We’re launching our very own Ambassador Program to build a team of dedicated members, addressed to as Creator United, who share our vision and wish to pave a way to our success.

If anyone enjoys social media, translator, graphic design, content writer, technical advocate, or community rep, just register to become a member of Creator United, with huge benefits promised.

Additionally, we also have events along the way, such as Learn & Earn, Airdrop or even AMAs like this with you guys.


Q: Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order? (@truongtran0305)

Chin Ngo

Well, all 4 aspects play an important role in the success of a project

Community and partnership build us and make us who we are, both help us to be better and stronger.

Beside, to keep community and partnership going along with us, we must have a good product. So that is why we have to empower our platform development, bring the best outcome and then increase token price as well as value.

To put it in order, number 1 must be Good Platform Development, then Increasing Token Price & Value, that will lead to our Partnership Globally and Community Trust.


Q: Can you please provide some progress on #Creator Roadmap and What results #CTR has achieved so far ? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for Creator? (@Crypto00507782)

Tony Tran

Sure, please check our roadmap below

Tony Tran

Currently we have finished our testnet with the link here

If you enter the url to the web browser, you can see in the block explorer website main features are available such as accounts: balance, transfer, networks: staking, developers: contracts, extrinsics, rpc.

Some screenshots of our testnet for quickly view:

Block viewer:

Tony Tran

Furthermore, we are going to release a new add-on on our platform which is Staking at the end of the Q3.

That will be a good chance for Creator holders to gain more benefits from holding our tokens.


Q: Creator aim to generate profit through 3 channels which are B2C, B2B , and Developers. And this will be done by offering different packages. Can you mention the different packages that Creator will be offering for each of the channels you intend to generate profit from? (@lukasDuong1)

Chat will be unmuted when the above question is answered so that if any community member has a question they can pose it directly to Creator team

Chin Ngo

Let’s me answer this question

Creator aims to monetize on 3 channels:

B2C: we help users tokenizing their products on our marketplace

B2B (enterprises): Creator provides the infrastructure to create Dapp for Defi or payment apps, Blockchain-based loyalty programs

Developers: Creator offers them Low Code Dapp and blockchain solutions to Self-build DApps.

Free Questions Session


Chat muted again, you can now choose questions you wish to respond to and let me know once you are done so we can wrap up the session

Tony Tran

Hey Hey Hey!

Check the first question

Q: Creator is based on Polkadot, So What important role will Creator play in capturing the liquidity of the Polkadot ecosystem and what good progress in product and cooperation you’ve made so far?

Tony Tran

I think guys know about Polkadot, which has a lot of potential and advantages. That why we choose Polkadot for the initial

And Polkadot will publish the mainnet very soon with the potential user community.

We are also applying for the Polkadot foundation and also the Parachain rewards. Hope we can share more details soon.

Chin Ngo

I’ll pick this question

Tony Tran

Mr. Chin, I will let you choose the 2nd question !

Q: NFTs are undeniably a big deal in the blockchain space right now. There are an increasing number of NFTs being created across a broad range of platforms like music, art, gaming and collectibles. So how do you different from the other NFT trading and collection platforms?

Chin Ngo

Creator is more than just a BaaS platform. It’s also the gateway to the world of gaming NFT. Individuals and merchants may establish their own NFT stores on Creator’s platform without coding knowledge, at an optimal cost, and with flexible transactions.

Unlike existing NFT projects, Creator offers all of the infrastructures and tools to build DApps for different sorts of users: individuals, merchants, or developers.

Mr Tony, your turn!

Tony Tran

Let’s go to the 3rd question!

Q: I don’t see any token burning plan in your tokenomic, as we know token burning is very useful in terms of increasing token prices and making the project more attractive to investors. So, does your great project have any token burning plans in the future?

Tony Tran

Very straightforward!

Well, Token designs to guarantee the stable development of Creator project and also raise the benefit of buyers/investors.

At the moment, we do not have any plan to burn our token. That’s not the way to increase the value of tokens. It’s an unsustainable way to keep our holders with us.

We’d rather develop and upgrade our products and create an ecosystem to build a sustainable environment for all users and our partners.

First shoot will be staking which is soon released at the end of Q3/2021

Chin Ngo

Thanks Tony. I’ll go with the 4th question

Q: It is unfortunate that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term. How does the Creator Platform Team plan to make this project sustainable for its development?

Chin Ngo

As we mentioned before, our project is backed by VMO — one of the top leading IT companies in Vietnam, supported with a team of experienced developers.

Also, we have big VCs like Master Ventures, Exnetwork and Kardia Ventures as our strategic long term partners, advising us.

They are blockchain experts with highly skilled intellectual individuals, having substantial work experience and professional network in the field.

We’ve been dreaming about sharing our knowledge grasped after years of experience, together with creating innovative solutions for the growth of the blockchain.

One more question, Tony?

Tony Tran

The 5th question already

Q: What’s the big next step in your roadmap that would attract investors to your project ?

Tony Tran

This is really interesting stage to investor and CTR holder of coming roadmap

We will first have Join Liquidity Mining on Kyber DMM and Staking service is also a big gift to every CTR holder

We can save more for now but will let you guys know very soon in the next AMA !


Thank you for all of great questions today !

With this we will close this session here.

We want to sincerely thanks everyone for joining us here at The BlockMint ™ specially @chinngo_ctr and @tony_ctr

Chin Ngo

I would like to say thank you guys for all the attention and questions! It was great talking to you guys today! We really have more opinions and ideas for our project!


It was a pleasure having you. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors, and like I said earlier, with the kind of vision and experience you have I am certain you’ll achieve everything you work towards.

Tony Tran

Please look forward to our further development along with announcements in the short run, as well as other AMAs coming for you to join.

I hope to see you again in the next AMA with Creator !

Don’t forget to follow our official channels here for instant updates! Other than these are all fake!

Recently we see there are many fake accounts that are imposing our CEO or even our project to ask you for financial contributions.

Please be aware that we will never DM you asking for any financial contribution

Creator has NOT announced any token sales. Other channels announcing sales are FAKE! So just follow our official channel to receive the most accurate information!


Absolutely! Thanks for the heads-up

Tony Tran

Nice to work with you!

Chin Ngo

Thank you !


[In reply to Tony Tran]

The pleasure is all mine !



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