AMA Session Recap: Creator x Satoshi Club

On September 6th , Creator participated in an informative AMA session in Satoshi Club’s community. The AMA was successfully held with the involvement of the project’s CMO -Ms Vivian and CEO- Mr Tony Tran, with a fantastic reaction from the community and numerous interesting questions answered.

Let’s have a look at what was going on!

Gold Rocket

Hello again, dear Satoshi Club! We are pleased to announce AMA with Creator!

Today our guests are @tony_ctr


Mr Tony Tran

Hello guys! It’s a pleasure being here, thank you for hosting us @Satoshi_club. Looking forward to a great AMA!

Ms Vivian

Hi everyone!

Gold Rocket

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, @tony_ctr @Vivian_CMO_CTR !

Ms Vivian

Great to be here today!

Andrés M

Welcome to Satoshi Club, how are you today?

Mr Tony Tran

We are great, waiting for questions from the community.

Gold Rocket

Thanks for joining guys! 😊

Let’s start! 🚀Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Creator

Tell us please about your position in Creator😊

Andrés M.

We have collected the best, but let’s begin with a short intro 😃

Mr Tony Tran

Thanks @GoldRocket27

My name is Mr Tony Tran, the CEO and Co- Founder of Creator. I have started my career and worked in the IT industry for a course of 15 years, in which almost 10 years specializing in Blockchain, IoT, and AI.

I am really an IT geek who always keeps learning, experiencing and updating to catch up with new technologies. I would never miss out on any new technological changes.

So, in the age of blockchain’s breakthrough development, I have geared up for many new projects in the field, beginning with Creator as a BaaS platform, to make blockchain more accessible and empower the economy.

Please meet our CMO @Vivian_CMO_CTR

Ms Vivian

Thanks Tony

Good afternoon guys, It’s Vivian, CMO of Creator.

Well, you guys should know that Tony and I are like-minded colleagues and friends.

I have been developing successful marketing strategies for many enterprises, particularly in the IT industry.

Seeing a huge wave of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as its wide-ranging applications, I have got intrigued and felt the urge to jump in and exploit the potentials of this new technology advance.

Gold Rocket

Great background

You are very passionate about what you do and it is immediately felt😍

Ms Vivian


Gold Rocket

Give us a brief introduction to the project. What is the essence of Creator

How long does it take to develop a project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Creator

Mr Tony Tran

Well, we already started this project since last year

Andrés M.

It’s a pleasure for us to have great personalities here

Wow, and currently you have a big Telegram community

Mr Tony Tran

Blockchain-as-a-Service is a solution allowing users to build blockchain applications and digital services on a distributed network with minimal hassle. This allows higher agility and quicker blockchain adoption. Blockchain applications are becoming more and more desirable, but they can be challenging to set up for smaller businesses or organizations with limited IT resources. Therefore, Creator — a BaaS platform has been established to provide professional assistance for users to easily deploy blockchain into constructing their apps or stores.

Creator is a Baas platform which provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the DeFi and NFT world.

Creator’s blockchain features shall broaden the gate for every game studio and developers to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry.

Creator is outstanding for 4 main features: No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DAPP, Loyalty program, and Defi services.

Andrés M.

In the future will I go to more chains different from eth, BTC and Dot?

Mr Tony Tran

yes, Currently we started with ETH, we soon support BNB and DOT

Gold Rocket

Lovely intro👏👏👏

Also we would like to know more about your team. Who is on the project team core?

Mr Tony Tran

@Vivian_CMO_CTR please help me to intro our team

Ms Vivian

Sure, I would love to do it

Andrés M.

It seems you are a public team, that’s excellent

Ms Vivian

Creator has a strong team of blockchain experts, design masters, and development talents all of whom have 5–8 years of experience in IT and blockchain.

Furthermore, our project is backed by VMO Group — Top 10 IT company in Vietnam and is a company leading in next-gen technology (Blockchain, AI/IOT/ML)

In addition, Creator is forming long-term strategic partnerships with big investors such as Master Ventures, Kardia Ventures and Exnetwork Capital that will definitely support with excellent advice

Andrés M.

Thanks for the clarification, I would like to know how did you choose the name of the project?

Gold Rocket

How big is your team?

Ms Vivian

Oh yes, We have a team of 15 expert developers and also 10 people in Marketing Team

Mr Tony Tran

Well, our service is focused on supporting creation products, like song, painting… so we call it Creator

Andrés M.

I like it, clear and simple

Gold Rocket

I find it great when creativity intersects with blockchain. And the creator goes to the future🚀😊

Andrés M.

Thank you so much for the introduction.

Gold Rocket

Thanks for the great introduction, we will have several questions selected for the Part 1. Ready to start?

Ms Vivian

I’m readyyyyy

Andrés M.

Q1 from Telegram User @Emidm28

You recently announced that Creator officially becomes the incubator for an NFT game about dragons — Dragon Age. I read that Creator offers game owners the No Code Smart Contract and Low Code DApp features. My question is … in what ways will Creator’s BaaS platform contribute to the booming of gamified NFT? Can you delve a little more about the features you offer? Is the Dragon Age game using both features?

Mr Tony Tran

In short, we will provide no code Smart Contract to a game can generate their own token.

Then with our Block chain core, it will provide all APIs need for any blockchain service for in-game action

On Creator, we will provide an NFT marketplace, then users can trade all NFT from that game.

All this will come in October.

Next step is we will have a launching platform, specially for games.

Just a short sharing, we will share more details to the community very soon.

Gold Rocket

Btw will be nice if you share your roadmap with us please 😉

Andrés M.

Exciting features coming 👏

Ms Vivian

Currently we have finished our testnet and we are going to release a new add-on on our platform which is Staking at the end of the Q4.

That will be a good chance for Creator holders to gain more benefits from holding our tokens.

Gold Rocket

Thanks for great answers and clarification😊

Andrés M.

Has the APR been established?

Ms Vivian

We are working on it 🙂 and let you guys know very soon after the IDO

Gold Rocket

Ready to proceed to the next question or want to add something?

Ms Vivian

We can’t wait for the next interesting questions !!!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club, [06.09.21 22:31]

Q2 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

On your Roadmap Q4 2021,you plan to launch a Storage service test version and Loyalty service test version,moreover you plan to have Staking features in multiple platforms. So with this plan of yours,can you share an overview about your Storage and Loyalty service test version? How would the Storage and Loyalty service be utilized and be implemented in Creator platform? As you will launch its test version,what can we expect from it and when are you going to launch its beta or higher version for Storage and Loyalty Services? Lastly,as you plan to have Staking features in multiple platforms,can you give us a hint which platforms you plan to launch your staking? Why do you launch staking in some other platforms but not in your own platform? Do you also have plans to launch staking in the Creator platform? By the way,can you tell us what would be the highest APY/APR of your staking? Thank you

Mr Tony Tran

for Storage, as we need to tokenize a lot of NFT, so we’ll make it very high capacity and it will be ontime, we will share you the alpha version when we are ready.

For Loyalty, yes, it’s very important with all systems for users to stay at their service. Our plan is to provide a cross-chain loyalty service which will support all chains, and CTR will be used for paying user loyalty or increasing user ranking.

I really love to hear the question about Staking. We planned to spend this time after the IDO but yes, I can hint a little bit that Creator will have own staking service. It will really be beneficial for Creator holders and complete the Creator Ecosystem.

The APR is not confirmed yet, but around 10–30% based on how long users take.

Andrés M.

Got it, so apart from that, what are the main utilities of your token? $CTR

Ms Vivian

To begin with, the CTR token can be used to pay fees for the BaaS infrastructure as well as any transactions on the Creator platform.

At the same time, holders can use CTR to purchase NFT of creative items on the marketplace, which can be exchanged for loyalty points, vouchers, gifts, or parachain rewards.

You may also use the DeFi protocol to switch from any other token. Holders can raise their membership status and reap additional benefits from the ecosystem.

CTR is interoperable with other chains such as Ethereum, Polkadot and Binance.

Creator commits to offer you an optimized cost, full fit service and shorten go-live time.

We are delighted to announce that we are working on staking and farming to attract holders. Please follow us on our social media platforms for additional information. We’ll keep you informed

Gold Rocket

Sounds incredibly attractive! 👏

Thanks for great answers

Ms Vivian

Thank Guys 🤩

Andrés M

Q3 from Telegram User @Jonahapagu

Amongst the features on your platform, the Loyalty Cross-chain feature is an interesting one. It is said to be an entire service for loyalty programs on the blockchain. Saving deployment costs, short go-live time, reducing transaction fees, cross-organization redemption and enhancing customer experience… So how does this loyalty cross-chain feature work in your platform, why do you think brands should use this loyalty Cross-chain feature instead of using other loyalty programmes in other platforms, and how does this your Loyalty feature go on to Enhance customer experience for brands that use it….

Ms Vivian

Seems like many people are interested in the Loyalty program.

Once we release our Marketplace in early Q4, 2021, we will start with Test version of Loyalty service.

Imagine that you have reward from this Dapp but you can also use it at the same value on another Dapp

That will make the difference of our Loyalty program compared with existing ones.

To work on it, we are partnering with many VCs, partners, and customers in different domains to have a kind of Association.

Thanks for such a good question!

Gold Rocket

Thanks for clear answer

Let’s proceed to the next question😊

Q4 from Telegram User @Highpee

Your project is built on the interoperable structure of Polkadot blockchains and you allocated 12% of your tokens which amount to 18,000,000 as parachain reward. Why do you prefer to build Creator as a Polkadot project? And by allocating 12% as parachain reward, does it mean that you plan to bid for a parachain slot from the available 100 Polkadot parachains and parathread slot? If yes, why didn’t you want to launch on another parachain? Why is it necessary that Creator protocol should have its own standalone parachain and how can a community be drafted to ensure a successful bid process? And since you plan to launch service products in Q4/2021, on which network or parachain will they launch on?

Mr Tony Tran

You are right, the parachain bid slot is really hard to get. But we are trying to have it, cause you can see we have a lot of advantages compared to ETH.

Creator is only first service in our ecosystem, that why we want to build it in our own chain, base on Polkadot substrate

For the first release ,we are still launching on ETH, and will add support to Polkadot when it is ready.

Andrés M.

Could you share the info about tokenomics?

Ms Vivian

For sure

Let me share with you our token allocation:

Our token is symbolized as CTR and has 150,000,000 of supply and has been allocated as the picture shows.

Hey hey ! Gear up guys! I’d love to share about Creator IDO date and time!

Creator will launch on 2 launch pads: Ignition — Paid network and MoonStarter; and both will take place on 8 September.

For the IDO on Ignition Paid, Creator will have a fixed allocation of 3,000,000 CTR tokens to purchase for holders at a fixed price of $0.1

There will be a fixed allocation of 1,000,000 CTR tokens on Moonstarter Launchpad for purchase at a fixed price of $0.1.

Andrés M.

Great opportunity Satoshi Clubbers🥳

Don’t miss great opportunity Satoshi Club

Actually our next question will help us to understand more about the IDO, ready to go?😁

Thanks for your clear answers btw😃

Q5 from Telegram User @ItsMelissa3

A few days ago you announced that Creator will soon IDO on Ignition Paid and MoonStarter, both of which will take place on September 8th… Why did you choose to have a dual launchpad? What are the benefits of that? It caught my attention that the token allocation for the MoonStarter platform will be 1,000,000 CTR tokens, while the Ignition platform will have a fixed allocation of 3,000,000 CTR tokens. Why did you decide to have a higher allocation on Ignition? Is there a specific reason behind that decision?

Gold Rocket

Partially answered. but maybe you will find something to add 😉

Ms Vivian

Yes, both launchpads have high performance on the legit projects.

The dual launchpads will help to share more opportunities to the Community to have chance to own CTR Tokens.

Each launchpad has different community targets regarding the number of token for sales but either Ignition Paid or Moonstarter are well known in the field.

Gold Rocket

Thanks for your answers

Let’s talk about security.

Have you conducted any hackathons or audits?

If so, please share the results😊

Mr Tony Tran

All our Smart Contracts was audited by Certik

You can get the result here:

Gold Rocket

Wow! Great! it is a quality mark in some way🙌

Thanks for sharing 😊

Safety first 👌

Mr Tony Tran

Right, it’s our top most priority when starting a project.

Andrés M.

Thanks for your answers, you have a big community, have you done some community contests to increase the awareness? I read about a recent gleam contest😁

Gold Rocket

Yes! your tweet is huge! 43k !!

This is an incredible amount since May!

Ms Vivian

Yeah, we have hit it few hours ago

We have made some contests for our dear community like AMA, Quiz, CMC Airdrop, Learn and Earn with Krystal ,etc.

We plan to have Hackathon activities soon after IDO and many more.

Gold Rocket

Great job, community is the main pillar of each project👏

Ms Vivian

The Gleam contest with both Paid Network and Moonstarter are closed.]

They said we are one of the projects that has the highest participants for the contest!

Gold Rocket

And they are absolutely right😁

Well, last question of this first part of the AMA is knocking the door 😁

Q6 from Telegram User @shakan1711

Will you also act as a Consultancy Service company on NFT to define exact price with some tools beside farm and other features? Also publishing any reports for NFT value searches?

Andrés M.

Dear community, we will open the chat soon. Please prepare your questions. Creator team will select 10 of them. Please remember the rules ❗️❗️❗️

-Only genuine questions will be rewarded. Copied questions will be disqualified

Read the rules here

( Part 2 of the AMA, every user will be allowed to post a maximum of 3 questions. One message should contain a maximum 1 question. If you post more than 3 questions, you will not receive the reward if selected. Thank you for understanding and good luck!😉

Also, don’t forget to join Creator — @creatorplatformglobal

Gold Rocket

Now get ready for the most impressive part of our AMA! Live questions😉🚀🚀🚀

Mr Tony Tran

Let me start with this question:

What is the Creator’s programming language?

Creator will use: Rust, solidity in blockchain core and smart contract

NodeJs for backend and React Js for frontend.

Ms Vivian

The 2nd question is here!!!

Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally

Well, I’m gonna say that 4 aspects play an important role in the success of a project. Community and partnership build us and make us who we are, both help us to be better and stronger. Beside, to keep community and partnership going along with us, we must have a good product.

So that is why we have to empower our platform development, bring the best outcome and then increase token price as well as value.

To put it in order, number 1 must be Good Platform Development, then Increasing the token price.

The 3rd question is picked.

NFT is very hot trend now, do you pretend to catch up with this trend or still follow and focus your original roadmap?💥💥💥💥

As our very first target in the roadmap when we start with the project.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platform.

Creator provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp

and other services to empower the DeFi and NFT world.

Mr Tony Tran

Can you talk about some features of Creator which make it superior than other platforms like Unique and Open Sea platforms ?

Unlike to the other platforms such as OpenSea, which are more about NFT oriented solutions and products, Creator providers operate a managed blockchain platform, supplying all of the infrastructures and often many of the tools needed to build full-fledged decentralized applications (DApps) for different types of users: individuals, merchants, or developers.

Mr Tony Tran

How does the Creator function? How do sellers and developers benefit from your platform?

It’s a good question, For sellers, they will have a lot of benefits because with our BAAS, they can create a marketplace in some clicks, which will reduce a lot of money to build up their own.

And for developers, they can contribute to the Smart Contract via our system, then can get money if other users use it.

Ms Vivian

How Do you plan to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Yes. We would love to have different communities in other countries to join. The Ambassador program is now running by Creator’s In-house marketing team.

If you have any suggestions for us, please contact me or my team mate for further discussion.

Ms Vivian

What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?

Glad you asked about this! It’s an opportunity for me to introduce our Creator Ambassador program to you guys.

First of all, I have to say that through our accomplishments, we have our community besides us, making us better and stronger every day. We’re grateful for their herculean support and contribution to take us closer to our goals🍻

In an effort to give back to our community, we provide the opportunity of a lifetime for everyone who wishes to watch Creator Network soar. We’re launching our very own Ambassador Program to build a team of dedicated members, addressed to as Creator United, who share our vision and wish to pave a way to our success.

Additionally, we also have events along the way, such as Learn&Earn with Satoshi, Krystal, Safelaunch; Airdrop with CMC for total rewards of up to 100,000 CTR or AMAs like this with you guys.

Ms Vivian

🌼Hello Creator team! I understand that you will carry out your IDO on two different platforms, one of them is MoonStarter and the other Ignition Paid … Is there a whitelist still available or are both already closed? Is it a requirement on either of the two platforms to do KYC on a mandatory basis in order to participate? Will they both start at the same time? Is there one of the two platforms that requires more demanding requirements than the other? Thank you!

Well I am sorry to say that the whitelist in both platforms has been closed recently. The IDO day will take place on September 8th on both 2 platforms but not at the same time. 11 AM UTC in Ignition PAID Network and 1PM UTC in MoonStarter. For more details, you can join our official channel to get the guideline detailed about how to participate in both platforms! Hope my answers satisfy you!

Mr Tony Tran

I saw that you have allocated 18% for the ecosystem in your token distribution table. For what activities or purposes in the ecosystem will you use these tokens? How will the community get a share from this part?

We use ecosystem funds to build up the community, support other teams or developers. We also have plans to open an academy, to train developers for blockchain and smart contracts. You may join our community to get the info about it.

Gold Rocket

Last one 🚀🚀🚀

Ms Vivian

Nft projects are uncountable in number. How are you different and what problems do you aim to solve?

Creator is more than just a BaaS platform. It’s also the gateway to the world of gaming NFT. Individuals and merchants may establish their own NFT stores on Creator’s platform without coding knowledge, at an optimal cost, and with flexible transactions.

Unlike existing NFT projects, Creator offers all of the infrastructures and tools to build DApps for different sorts of users: individuals, merchants, or developers.

Gold Rocket


Ms Vivian

And guys!!!

We hereby announce that Creator has our first use case for the service packages. We are the incubator for an NFT game about dragons, the mythical creature of all time — How exciting is that!

Ciprian Ciubotaru

🔥Dear Community,

Please read the quiz rules

Satoshi Club Team will ask the chat 4 questions about Creator. A link to a Quiz Form will be sent into the chat. Participants will have 5 minutes to answer. Users must provide telegram id and BSC wallet into the quiz form.

Andrés M.

Amazing one 😁

Gold Rocket

@tony_ctr @Vivian_CMO_CTR

guys! You are incredible! we got great pleasure from communicating with you! Thank you for introducing the Creator to us! We are honored to have you here today❤️❤️

Ciprian Ciubotaru

⚡️The quiz Form is ✅OPEN⚡️

Good Luck Everyone

⏰ 5 minutes to answer ⏰

Total of 10000 CTR were allocated for the prize pool for the entire stages. More than 500 people participated and we thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown.

Ciprian Ciubotaru

The quiz form is closed. Thanks everyone.

Andrés M.

That’s it for today’s Satoshi Clubbers. @Vivian_CMO_CTR and @tony_ctr thank you so much for your time and excellent answers, our best wishes for your coming IDO.

Ms Vivian

I would like to say thank you for the warm welcome and all the attention from Satoshi Club! It was great talking to you guys today! We really have more opinions and ideas for our project!

I hope to see you again in the next AMA with Creator !

Mr Tony Tran

For the last saying, I would like to warn everyone that recently, we discovered there are many fake accounts that present Creator Official Group in order to act a huge scam!

Our ERC-20 token smart contract has officially been launched!

The ONE and ONLY Creator smart contract address is:


Please be aware of any other address purporting to be CTR and refer to Creator official website to avoid scams!

Gold Rocket

we look forward to seeing you❤️

Ms Vivian

Thanks so much @GoldRocket27 !

Gold Rocket

Be careful Satoshi Club! thank you very much for the warning👍

Chat is open 😊




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