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3 min readApr 4, 2022

Creator continues to reach further heights in the crypto space with the establishment of

In the light of creating more intrinsic value for its users, Creator has put forward new, innovative ideas with the release of Koi Innovation — an advanced digital platform. In today’s article, let’s take a closer look at the multiple functions of another Creator’s latest service — — the engine behind Creator ecosystem

The global blockchain market has been gaining immense traction from the increasing demand for blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) from various organizations. The market is projected to experience massive growth in the coming years due to its multiple benefits of greater accuracy and security in the financial services ecosystem. However, market growth comes with countless opportunities for decentralized projects. In the process of determining and verifying the projects, rigorous research and extensive interviews with entrepreneurs have been conducted, in which information overload is likely to stem from these occurrences. As a result, while the surge in usage of blockchain technology has encouraged businesses and investors to invest more in projects, it remains a daunting task to determine a high-quality project.

Leveraging the advantage of a loyal and organic community base across all digital platforms, Creator decides to strengthen its ecosystem and better incentivize $CTR holders by expanding to a new crypto-hub service called is a Creator-developed application that provides original content of blockchain and cryptocurrency news, ranging from insights, research to events, webinars in the ever-growing blockchain, crypto, and DeFi space. The platform will enable users to better absorb knowledge and selectively acquire information before making decisions on project investments.

Supporting vessel for investors and projects will help investors have a clearer understanding of available projects on the market since our editorial content is heavily based on professional integrity to deliver unbiased news, in-depth analytics, insightful opinion pieces, and regular reports in the ever-evolving digital era. Since is expected to become an integral part of Creator ecosystem, the platform aims to offer projects that are incubated or invested by Creator as well as launched on KoiStarter with valuable assistance in terms of generating relevant, comprehensive news content

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With a firm belief that the decentralized world will grow exponentially, the mission of is to help educate its readers and raise awareness of the intricacies and advantages of technological breakthroughs through up-to-date content that spans from daily and objective news content of cryptocurrency and blockchain to relevant market insights.

Extended arm of Creator’s community opens an opportunity for Creator to expand its community base by creating an integrated platform for hosting industry events and webinars, which can further support projects in the cross-marketing activities, allowing them to thrive in the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

Creator strives to build an influential, trusted information platform targeted toward a global blockchain and crypto community. is expected to become one of the core arms of Creator’s ecosystem, with an aim to help the general public navigate the robust and dynamic nature of the digital space by understanding and embracing disruptive technologies. The freshly integrated platform will serve to propel Creator, engaging a sustainable ecosystem for all users.

“Providing maximum intrinsic value to our users remains one of Creator Chain Network’s critical missions. The launch of will give our audience meaningful data that they can use to implement in their blockchain and crypto experience. I’m confident that our users will reap fruitful yields from such an informative application, thus, contributing to the growth of wider blockchain ecosystem.”, said Tony Tran, CEO and Co-Founder of Creator Chain Network.