Complete discussion task to receive CTR

👉Total Prize: 900 CTR per day (3 winners per day unlock 100% within 48 hours after TGE)
👉Duration: From July 27 to July 30
💥Detailed information
- From July 27 to July 30, Admin will post a topic (or question) that will be discussed and answered within 1 day.
(Example: When the first question appears at 9:00 am on July 27, 2021, the admin will close the answer at 9:00 pm on July 28, 2021 and continue to post a second question the next day)
- Top 3 people with the most correct answers and completing at least 70% of the task will be recognized by the admin and win 300 CTR for each answer.
💥 Rules:
- Follow and Join the Creator Telegram Community and Creator Social Media
- Community members can freely discuss issues around the question and topic of the day.
- Tasks will include minimum number of messages per member must have at least 150 messages in discussion around certain topic, likes and retweets of Creator’s tweets with tag @CreatorCTR and hashtag #CTR, ….
- It is forbidden to compare projects with each other.
- Members are not allowed to exchange answers with each other, if detected, the administrator will warn or cancel the member’s right to participate in the event.
- Mod has a supporting role, do not participate in receiving rewards in any form.
- All decisions of the organizers are final.

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