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12 min readSep 14, 2021

Dear valued Creators,

Thank you for your constant support since the beginning of the project that has helped us to successfully raise our funds, having strategic collaborations with big names in the industry, exhilarating bifold IDO launch and listing on DEX exchange.

You might be wondering what exact direction Creator will continue its development, what are the full utilities of CTR token and how Creator can bring many benefits to the diamond-hand holders of CTR and whether Creator can set another step closer to the blockchain economy in the long run.

Right after the successful IDO, our team has worked very hard almost 24/7 and turned hundreds of pizzas & coffee to the code, in order to deliver the product as fast as possible.

In this post, we will reveal the whole landscape of Creator that we hope can give you full answers to the above question.

Core business of Creator in a Nutshell

The name CREATOR says all things. In the long run, we would like to shift the ownership of the network from us to YOU — a CTR holder or a true creator, who will create, govern and vote for important improvements of Creator Chain Network. It means that we will become a DAO in the future.

Of course the shift would take much time and effort. Thus, at the beginning, our development team will take care of the rest in order to bootstrap the whole ecosystem and make sure that everything works well for a couple of months. In order to understand the ecosystem of Creator, you can take a look at the diagram below:

As you can see, the infrastructure of Creator Chain Network brings many abilities to scale: Smart Contract Marketplace (No Code Smart Contract), Low Code DApp, Launchpad, NFT and other DeFi services. And the beauty of it is that: all the fees collected from different services will market buy CTR then go to the DAO. By default, 70% of the fee will be given out to CTR holder as staking rewards, 30% will go to Creator Treasury which will be used for awarding or incentivizing actions/tokens/people/platforms/projects that are deemed to have a positive influence or grow Creator ecosystem. The fee distribution is subject to change by DAO in the future.

By staking CTR into the Governance Vault of Creator, you can vote on significant improvements of Creator Chain Network and earn CTR rewards in the return. In addition, you would be eligible to participate in every presale on Creator Launchpad.

At the moment we think Creator is full-fledged (01 year as projected), we will bring the whole ecosystem to the Creator Chain — a parachain built on Polkadot Substrate that allows Creator to run at full speed and maximize the benefit for all stakeholders of Creator. And millions of CTR would be used to pay for transaction fees on Creator Chain.

So many exciting things need to dive into details right? So let’s get started!

$5,000,000 Grant Program of V2B Labs

Defi is such an open playground where anybody from any country can test any idea. Since 2019, we have seen many small teams or even individual developers who started their experimental projects and all of a sudden they became unicorns in Defi with billions USD of valuation, such as Andre Cronje with Yearn Finance, a very young and ambitious team from Axie Infinity, or two IT geeks Anton Bukov and Sergey Kunz who founded 1inch Network, so on and so forth.

Understanding the importance of ideas in the Defi space, V2B Labs (the team developing Creator Chain Network) decided to earmark a $5,000,000 Grant Program in CTR token to nurture prominent ideas of teams or individual developers and turn them into real projects.

During this NFT & metaverse trend, we’re incubating one NFT game and one NFT project that will be launched on Creator Launchpad soon.

More details of this Grant Program and the application form will be revealed in the upcoming posts.

No Code Smart Contract & Low Code DApp

We still stick to the initial mission of Creator Chain is providing full-fit Blockchain-as-a-Service packages for various projects, from game, Defi to marketplace and general businesses. Normally, many non-blockchain companies would like to jump in this industry, but they don’t have enough (or very less) know-how about smart contract development. Meanwhile, most smart contracts of Defi protocols are open sources that allow other teams to clone and utilize them in their projects, but the creators of those smart contracts earn nothing from that. Thus, Creator Smart Contract Marketplace (No Code Smart Contract) is the right place to go in the context.

A blockchain developer, he might want to wrap his smart contracts for sale to other companies or end users (let’s call them clients from now on) who utilize them for their own business. Any kind of contracts from minting a new token, lending, staking, NFT marketplace, DEX smart contract, etc. that he can list them on our platform, set certain fees subtracted from net revenue of buyers which could be shared back to his wallet and our CTR holders. It would be an ideal circulation for CTR utilization.

On the other hand, the end user can customize Smart Contract to use on his own demand with some simple configurations (like entering fields or dropping & dragging several elements — that’s why it’s called No Code Smart Contract).

Let’s walk through an example:

Trader Joe is looking for an automated solution to DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) LINK (native token of Chainlink). He then finds out a proper contract published by Company A on the marketplace with 2 audits and 5% performance fee (charged from input token). He thinks it would work, so he configures the DCA contract by entering some information as following:

  • Input token: ERC20 USDC
  • Output token: ERC20 LINK
  • Purchase amount: 1,000
  • Regular interval: 01 month
  • Accumulate until: Dec 31st, 2022

Then the smart contract will market buy LINK for 1,000 USDC every month until Dec 31st, 2022 or the moment Joe decides to stop.

Regarding the performance fee:

  • Total performance fee (after 16 months): 1,000 * 16 * 5% = 800 USDC
  • 80% of that fee goes to Company A’s wallet: 800 * 80% = 640 USDC
  • 14% goes to Creator Governance Vault: 800 * 14% = 112 USDC
  • 6% goes to Creator Treasury: 800 * 6% = 48 USDC

Supposing this DCA contract executed $10,000,000 worth of total purchase per year, Company A — Governance Vault — Creator Treasury could share $500,000 performance fee with each other.

Smart Contract Marketplace could sound like a crazy idea because no one ever did it before. Thus, Creator developer team will take the first step on it by rolling out 03 “Smart Contracts for Sale” with full audits & permanent maintenance & customer support from Creator team as following:

  • Staking Smart Contract:

— Offer two kinds of staking pools as variable APR or compounding. Creator team also sets aside an allocation of CTR as extra staking rewards for clients and vice versa.

— For example: A client would like to use Staking Smart Contract of Creator for his token X. He would like to set a 6-month locked staking vault with an APR of 35% in token X. However, Creator team grants them 10% in CTR in extra, so total APR is 45% for users who stake token X in that vault.

  • NFT Marketplace Smart Contract:

— An art gallery or NFT game project would like to build their own NFT marketplace. They don’t need to build everything from scratch, just do some simple configurations with our NFT Marketplace Smart Contract, then they can go live immediately.

— Default fee is 0.5% on every transaction, but is negotiable. With some small clients, they are willing to pay a 0.5% fee to get things done. With big clients with huge liquid in their marketplace, they would like to have a discount and it seems like 0.1% transaction fee to Creator is reasonable.

  • Token Minting Service:

— Allow anyone to mint ERC-20/BEP-20 or ERC-721/BEP-721 tokens.

Everything is planned. Now we encourage you to take the next steps with us:

  • As a blockchain developer, please contact us to list your smart contracts on our marketplace (we would support you in terms of auditing if necessary);
  • As a client, you could try to build your first DApp and make revenue from it (in Low Code DApp style)
  • As a CTR enthusiast, please spread out our marketplace in your network, then more newcomers will bring more fun to the game.

Creator Launchpad

Creator Launchpad is the second piece we put down to the landscape puzzle. Why does a launchpad matter here, you might wonder. The reason is after the clients roll out their DApp, many of them would have a demand to raise funds and run the presales to retailers but have no clue how to work on it. At that moment, Creator Launchpad could help them to proceed with all the complicated procedures like: pre-marketing, executing the sales events, token listing, staking, vesting, liquidity mining after the sales. And then, 2% of funds raised from projects will be used to buy back CTR to be distributed to CTR holders and Creator Treasury.

Please keep in mind that you need to stake a certain amount of CTR in the Creator Governance Vault to participate in presale events. All the tiers and criteria of Creator launchpad will be announced soon.

Hint: We already have 02 projects (backed by V2B Labs) in a row to do presales on Creator Launchpad, one is a Yield Aggregator Platform, one is a Play2Earn NFT Game. More projects will come in the upcoming months.

Here is the process of a sale event:

  • Step 1: Project Owner needs to supply so-called token X to Presale Smart Contract.
  • Step 2: On the sale date,the eligible buyers can purchase a certain amount of token X.
  • Step 3: On the listing date, Presale buyers could be able to claim 100% or a portion of it, then the rest of token X will be vested through a Vesting Smart Contract (optional)
  • Step 4:

4.1: 0.6% total raised fund will go to CREATOR Treasury

4.2: 1.4% will be rewarded to users who stake CTR in Creator Governance Vault

4.3: Creator team can initiate the listing event on DEX for Project Owner with X% of fund (optional)

— 4.4: Creator team can setup staking pool for Project Owner with Y% of fund (optional)

  • Step 5: At the end of the day, the Project Owner can withdraw the remaining fund.
  • Step 6: If the step 4.4 (Staking vault) was executed, then the presale buyers could stake token X to earn interest in both token X and token CTR (extra bonus for Project Owner from Creator team).

Furthermore, the difference between Creator Launchpad and other launchpads is:

There will be 02 types of presales:

  • Type 1: Projects are justified & chosen in diligence by Creator developer team (or Creator Treasury in the future).
  • Type 2: In the spirit of Blockchain-as-a-Service of Creator, we provide a full package of smart contracts above (Presale Contract, Vesting Contract, Staking Contract without CTR extra bonus) for anyone to execute their own presale event. With this type of presale, buyers don’t need to stake any CTR in Creator Governance Vault to participate. However, he should do the research with his own diligence to avoid falling into scam.
  • Creator could charge 2% fee for type 1 and 3.5% fee for type 2.

We believe the flexibility of Creator Launchpad will encourage all sizes of clients to kickstart their own businesses, then Creator DAO can also get a lot of fee from those hundreds startups.

Loyalty Program on Blockchain

Additionally, for any user and project joining Creator’s services, we invite you to take pleasure in Creator Loyalty program, which is a crucial part of every business industry.

Any of CTR holders is able to enjoy the program by using native tokens to exchange for loyalty points, vouchers, gifts or parachain rewards in the ecosystem. It’s possible for every user to swap from any other token via DeFi protocol and increase their members’ rank in the ecosystem to dig in more benefits.

At the same time, Creator designs profitable packages for each project to reward their users. People making transactions on Creator’s Marketplace now have the opportunity to obtain bonuses in both other projects’ tokens and CTR.

Users can capture incentives on the platform for their own benefits. The more transactions they make, the more tokens they shall receive to stake into Creator Governance Vault. Profits are always available for you anywhere in Creator Ecosystem.

Through the loyalty program, Creator also targets the e-commerce industry, a non-stop growing market. E-commerce platforms will enjoy Creator’s tactic of supporting blockchain integration for information security, transparency, and flexibility, while their buyers and sellers can receive certain offers should they hold CTR tokens.

Creator Governance Vault

As being said, Governance Vault takes an important place in the whole Creator ecosystem, and CTR holders can earn various benefits described above. However, Creator Chain Network has just been a seven-day project (at the time this article is written) and it cannot monetize right at the beginning. Thus, we decide to bootstrap Creator Governance Vault in 03 phases as following:

Phase 1 — The Genesis:

The team decided to set aside a certain amount of CTR tokens as the staking reward for the early supporters. If you’re owning CTR token in your wallet, there are 03 staking options for you:

  • No lock-up pool: you can stake and unstake any moment you want. This pool allows you to earn a fixed APR as 3–5% of the initial fund you stake.
  • 90-day locked pool: Once staking starts, you can only unstake after 90 days. This pool allows you to earn a fixed APR of 14%.
  • 180-day locked pool: Similar to 90-day locked pool. Once staking starts, you can only unstake after 180 days. However, this option would bring you the highest yield of 28%.

All staking rewards would be emitted by blocks and you can claim them right away.

During the Genesis phase, you purely earn CTR tokens as a reward.

Phase 2 — The Pioneer:

Phase 2 will come with the launch of Creator Launchpad (interesting, isn’t it). At that moment, the number of CTR you staked in the pools of Phase 1 will be taken into account to determine the Tiers of yours in presale events. Naturally, you would like to compound CTR rewards and increase your tier. The higher tier you are, the bigger allocation of presale tokens you can purchase. This phase is named Pioneer to admire all stakers who support Creator Launchpad and new startups at the very beginning.

Phase 3 — The Creator:

In this phase, the Governance Vault is fully functioning. It’s the right time for the team to empower CTR holders to govern the whole ecosystem. By staking CTR in Governance Vault, you truly become a creator who joins hands with other creators as a DAO and drives Creator Chain Network to success. Your voting power as well as network fee you can earn are corresponding to the amount of CTR you stake in the Governance Vault. You can vote by yourself, or you can delegate your CTR to other pool masters who will vote on your behalf.

During the migration from Phase 1 to Phase 2, and Phase 2 to Phase 3, the team will do the best so there is no further action required from you.


There is so much exciting news we have shared in the article today. You can see that Creator Chain Network is a very ambitious project and our dev team is serious on building & delivering real products which have true intrinsic values. Once again, we would like to thank all of you who showed some love to us during the IDO. However, there is a long way to go and we hope you keep supporting us to the end of the road, where both you and us can achieve the ultimate success together.

About Creator

Creator is a Block chain as a Service (BaaS) that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the DeFi and NFT World. Creator’s Blockchain features shall broaden the gate for every game studio and developers to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry.

Creator has an incredibly friendly UI and multiple enhanced background services. Hence, with or without IT/ Blockchain skills, by filling out some initial information and a few clicks, anyone can simply go live a Smart Contract or DApp.

Creator’s chain is based on the Polkadot/Substrate for true interoperability, user-driven network governance and customizations that focus on Defi, NFT and other services.

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