Creator established a strategic partnership with Comic Coin

Creator is beyond exhilarated to announce our new strategic collaboration with Comic Coin, one of the first projects to bring blockchain’s application to the comic market.

After figuring out certain issues in the crypto market such as copyright violation, user frustration, and misunderstanding, Comic Coin aims to create its own ecosystem as the first All-in-one (AIO) blockchain-based platform for comics, anime, and manga lovers worldwide.

With such an ambitious goal, Creator’s service fully supported Comic Coin in terms of blockchain technology and generating NFTs with high levels of security and transparency, providing Comic Coin with a comprehensive ecosystem where artists, investors, and users can revel in transactions of license NFTs on the marketplace.

Users are able to interact with their favorite artists by rewarding $COMIC — an official cryptocurrency for comic lovers around the world. More intriguingly, NFT artists are strongly supported by joining Comic Coin when a part of the project’s revenue is funded to encourage their future pieces of art.

With a wide range of utilities, $COMIC is foreseen to incentivize artists, comic lovers to create more and more incredible stories that are valuable to the market.

Being a partner with a project in comic-aspiration for the first time, Creator believes that this collaboration with Comic Coin will bring a brand new experience to our community where you can find yourself time to relax while gaining some extra income.

The exciting news is coming soon so… be prepared!

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