Creator invading Japan’s lucrative NFT market!

Japan is renowned for its manga and anime as well as gaming industry. In the age of blockchain technology, these kinds of entertainment have turned into genuine art worth of billion dollars which makes Japan become an NFT golden mine. Witness the recent boom of the Japanese NFT economy, Creator has found its way to enter this lucrative market.

The size of Japanese NFT market was only about JPY 20 billion in 2019 but grew to about JPY 30 billion in 2020. This was only approximately 1/1000 of the total value of the crypto asset market. With that said, JPY 30 billion represents a tenfold expansion of the NFT market since the beginning of 2018. Moreover, there are now a variety of businesses that utilize NFTs. Furthermore, NFT games in Japan are booming with a huge amount of players recently. Therefore significant potentials for further rapid growth in the NFT market in Japan is surely confirmed.

Creator promptly seizes the chance to jump into this promising land by establishing new strategic partnerships with Japanese firms like Global DX and A&I. Global DX is a company that supports cross-border collaboration between foreign startups & domestic corporations, while A&I is a company that connects VCs and potential startup projects. Its mission is fostering individual investors to invest as one of the methods of self-actualization.

The collaborations are strengthened when Creator reveals new NFT projects that catch the eyes of many VCs. They express great belief in the fruitful success of the dragon NFT game we are incubating and stress that our NFT marketplace will stand out being a unique site fully support for sellers.

In the meantime, we are participating in a number of technology competitions organized by these partners to showcase our blockchain advances to Japanese markets. Japan is known for being an extremely demanding market that many projects have failed in an attempt to enter. Nevertheless, by cutting edge and transparent platform and with high potential of development, Creator is honored to be warmly welcomed in this NFT goldmine. We’re delighted to know that there are many investors interested in our BaaS platform and trust in us. Creator is confident to conquer this most grumpy market in the future.

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