Creator is gear up for new landscape of 2022 and ready for a giant step ahead

Koi Innovation — a platform built by $CTR holders, for $CTR holders

  • At the first time, $CTR holders can participate in the lower fundraising rounds of early-stage projects (seed or private rounds).
  • Since they’re on the same board with other early birds, they can raise their voices, feedback and other approaches to make projects stronger.
  • Any members in the loop also can bring up other projects on the table. Then we will work as a team to evaluate those candidates and decide on investing in them or not.
  • Participating projects can gain access to dedicated resources, industry exposure, valuable networks and mentorship from KoiStarter community.
  • Focus on quality projects, Koi Innovation supports every project in terms of marketing with various events, KOLs, influencers, Venture Capital, exchanges, agencies, and that would get their names shine among the huge number of global followers.
  • VC managers can save time reviewing thousands of projects to determine growth potential.
  • Support Kols/ VCs/ partners expand their connection with quality and potentials projects — the engine behind Creator ecosystem



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