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12 min readSep 22, 2022

Key takeaways:

  1. New brand — New mission: Creator Chain Network officially changes to Creator Network
  2. Creator Network is going to be a DAO to empower $CTR holders.
  3. New tokenomics for $CTR
  4. All pieces that complete Creator Network
  • Goen Finance
  • Shiniki NFT collection and marketplace
  • KOIStarter
  • And more solutions that help users transform to Web3.

Dear valued Creators,

It’s been a long and adventurous journey with Creator Chain Network over the past year. Creator team is glad with our achievements along with the endless support of partners and community for what we have created so far. We are truly builders that are always seeking the new path to bootstrap our system and add more value to our subscribers. The frequent changes of the market recently somehow make what we have been developing might not fit the vision in the long run anymore. So, now it’s time to make a step forward and create some improvements to reinforce our Creator. Under the leadership and enlightenment of our new talented CEO — Mr.Jason Vu, Creator promises to open up a more prosperous future ahead.

1. New brand — New mission

Rebrand: Creator Chain Network officially changes to Creator Network

2022 has marked an unforgettable milestone in the roadmap of many blockchain and crypto start-ups as we’ve all witnessed crypto winter enter. Amidst this market downturn, we know it’s not time to scale up but to reevaluate and re-strategize our ecosystem and prepare for the next bull season.

Initially, Creator aimed to become a parachain of Polkadot/Substrate and a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform that helps users to create their No code smart contracts or Low code Dapps in just a few clicks. We tried to remove the technical barrier to blockchain and allow users, start-ups or entrepreneurs to fully focus on thriving their business. However, after a period of running No Code smart contract service and deeply analyzing the demand of the market with Low code Dapp, we perceive that developing No code — Low code is not a feasible goal to follow. Creator team has set aside the direction to become a parachain and decided to build a comprehensive ecosystem on available and optimized chains like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, etc. From now, Creator Chain Network will be rebranded to Creator Network — the name that perfectly reflects our new business model.

New mission: Become a network providing full- fit services for Web 3.0 transition

Along with the new business model, we have been seeking a new path, a new mission for Creator Network to stick to in the long run. Web 3.0 is the space of decentralization, digital ownership, NFT and metaverse. As a builder in the blockchain industry, we believe the transmission from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 MUST HAPPEN in the future. However, there are many barriers, constraints and difficulties for users, content creators, entrepreneurs and companies to tap into Web 3.0. That’s why we — Creator Network define our mission: “with our technical knowledge, we’re building things to remove all the constraints to transmit the world to Web 3.0”.

2. Creator Network is going to be a DAO to empower $CTR holders.

Creator Network will still focus on $CTR holders and aim to become a DAO in the future. $CTR Governance allows you — $CTR holders to earn more from network fees and be able to vote for the further development of our ecosystem. That way you will become a true creator, an owner in Creator Network, who will decide how the system keeps functioning and developing in the future, then Creator Network community will follow suit to ceaselessly broaden.

In short, Creator Network will be a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem on existing chains with the mission to help users, start-ups, entrepreneurs enter into Web 3.0 in an effortless way.

So, let’s sum up what we’re building in Creator Network ecosytem:

  • Goen Finance — a financial platform that helps average users approach Defi & gain their capital effortlessly.
  • Shiniki Official — an ambitious NFT project that illuminates content creators all over the world to shift their work from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
  • KoiStarter — a launchpad that helps startups kick off their projects.
  • — an educational channel that provides knowledge, information in blockchain to end users and builders.
  • And other Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) we will bring into the ecosystem in the future.
Creator Network Ecosystem

3. New tokenomics for $CTR

Changes in our direction obviously will lead to the urge to adjust the tokenomics of $CTR. Creator team has sat down and had straightforward discussions to design a new tokenomics aligned with the new roadmap of Creator Network.

The initial total supply of $CTR is 150,000,000, including 18,000,000 as Parachain reward and 30,000,000 as Foundation. However, after considering the whole market situation, we have come to the final conclusion that Creator Network shouldn’t run a chain in the future. Instead, we would focus on helping other startups with our BaaS on the existing chains. Thus, we decided to cut off Parachain reward and Foundation allocations. That would be a total of 48,000,000 $CTR burned.

Initial Tokenomics of Creator Network.

In addition, since Creator Network becomes a large ecosystem with many particular DApps within, we think it needs a larger ecosystem fund for scaling purposes in the long run. That’s why we decided to burn 2,000,000 $CTR from Team & Advisors to make a new total supply of $CTR is 100,000,000 $CTR. Furthermore, we decided to transfer 9,500,000 $CTR from Team & Advisors to the Ecosystem fund.

As the result, the final tokenomics of $CTR is:

  • Team & Advisors: 20,000,000 $CTR
  • Ecosystem: 36,500,000 $CTR
  • Other allocations : 43,500,000 $CTR

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Total Supply = 100,000,000 $CTR

4. Diving in every piece of Creator Network

Goen Finance

Goen Finance is a protocol that enables users to earn top coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, etc. or any other tokens that you are bullish on. Goen also offers other Defi services to fulfill the mission of bringing better finance to everyone.

At the beginning, Goen Finance was a separate project founded by our CEO Jason Vu. Jason is a blockchain enthusiast, a veteran in Defi/NFT/Web3 space with years of experience in the industry. Before Goen Finance, he used to be a arketing Manager at Kyber Network and strategy advisor for many projects like Creator,, Plats Network, MetroGalaxy, etc. In which, Creator is the project that he has put the most effort in right from the very beginning.

Jason is considered as the ‘Godfather’ of Creator Network and contributed a lot to its development. Although he kept quite a low-key role as an advisor to follow and consult for Creator, he has become a true builder in our network and earned the trust amongst Creator team. After our annual meeting in June, Jason was promoted to become the new CEO of Creator Network by major stakeholders. He then decided to merge his project — Goen Finance to Creator ecosystem as a way to bootstrap the whole system with Defi services.

Goen Finance is aiming to build a Defi platform that helps average users to gain their capital in an effortless manner. It’s almost like the user can stake stablecoin to earn Bitcoin or Ether for free, or subscribe to various fund-management packages with different Risk/Return ratios depending on their investing taste.

Since the merge of Goen to Creator Network happened, the team is working hard to adjust Goen products to align with the whole ecosystem, including utilizing $CTR token for Goen Finance. Let’s go into detail about how $CTR would be utilized in Goen Finance:

  • First of all, a part of $CTR allocation will be used as reward for staking pools within 1 year to incentivize Goen users. This way Goen can easily attract and onboard more users, eventually increasing the TVL on the platform.
  • $CTR will also become the governance token of Goen Finance in a vote-escrowed model (refer to this document of Curve Finance). Therefore, $CTR holders will be able to stake into Goen Governance pool to receive veCTR which decides their voting power. They are now the stakeholders that will make decisions along the development of the protocol.
  • $CTR holders will be able to earn extra benefits as Goen will pay 5% of total reward pouring into the Governance pool as rebate for Governance stakers.

Goen Finance Governance pool on Staging. Soon GOEN/veGOEN tokens will be replaced by CTR/veCTR tokens

Utilizing $CTR would bootstrap Goen Finance, create value and mark meaningful milestones for Creator Network as a whole:

  • Stake $CTR into Governance pools will kick-off the voting system, the first proposal will be created marking the transforming into a DAO of Creator Network. At the beginning, it would be voting for adjustment in $CTR emission rate or which pool we should enable, then there would be more significant aspects for the stakeholders to get involved and raise their voice in the future.
  • Vote escrowed model ensures fairness in voting power; helps to lock more $CTR by staking, leading to a decrease of $CTR in circulating $CTR, thus creating growth impetus for $CTR token.

For now, all smart contracts of Goen Finance were audited by Verichain. At the moment the product merge is finished, we will put more marketing effort to onboard users. The incentive in $CTR will be released by Q4/2022. However, you can use the current services of Goen right here:

Goen Staking with options of stablecoins, $CAKE and $BSW

Shiniki Official

Many artists & art studios, content creators hear about NFTs, but few of them are able to tap into this industry. We had several discussions with some famous artists (VietMax, Duong Giap, Kim Duc, etc.) and some well-known art studios (DeeDee Animation Studio, Thunder Cloud, etc.) and some partners in Japan (which couldn’t be revealed right now). They’re masters of content creation and earn hundreds of international rewards, but they quite hesitate to kick start their own NFT projects. There are some big constraints like:

  • Technical issues: how to tokenize an artwork; how to create generative collectibles; how to write minting/staking and particular smart contracts on purpose.
  • Marketing/Communication issues: how to run a global community; how to set up proper Twitter/Discord channels; how to promote their NFT collectibles. How to run campaigns and engage their community members.
  • Experiences: how to create proper NFTs that other people want to buy, how to create intrinsic value for NFTs, how to nurture projects in the right way, etc.

Thus, we think we need to build something like a work frame, or a platform to clear all (or almost) difficulties above and guide them to Web 3.0. That’s how the idea about Shiniki Official arose.

Long for short, Shiniki NFT collection is a series of 7,777 NFT items originally inspired by multicultural Gods, marking our first entry to enter the NFT space. This NFT collection is a mixture of the exquisiteness of Japanese Anime art style and the mystical, yet extraordinary folk elements. We tell the story of how Gods created the Shiniki, or “Land of the Gods”, with lots of untold tales hidden in every chapter throughout the long historical chronicle.

Shiniki NFT could be valued collectibles for collectors that are worth a fortune of money thanks to its uniqueness and rarity. Soon staking Shiniki NFT will be enabled that allow users to earn passive income from royalty fees, transaction fees and $CTR tokens.

With the aim of perfecting a multifaceted ecosystem to open the door for users to enter the NFT Marketplace more effortlessly and economically, we are building an full-functionality NFT marketplace where incubates and onboards more artists and qualified NFT collections. As a $CTR holder, you can expand the circle of benefits by earning special incentives from the marketplace with limited discounts, vouchers and so on. Also, a certain percentage of revenue of Shiniki marketplace will be spent to burn $CTR, contributing to the increase of the token value.

It’s just a few days ahead of the launch of Shiniki collection. Mark your calendars on this Sept 27 to not miss the chance to mint yourself amazing Shiniki warriors from both Angel and Demon allies.

Minting Schedule:

  • Whitelist round: Sept 27 (free mint)
  • Public round: Sept 28 (minting price = 0.02 Eth)
  • Reveal day: Sept 29

How to join whitelist:

Stake $CTR at any pool on Creator Network to get yourself a whitelist slot and do not unstake before: 1:00 PM UTC 17th Sept, also make sure to provide your wallet address via this gleam link.

Minimum of 20,000 CTR will be able to mint a maximum of 1 NFT

Minimum of 50,000 CTR will be able to mint a maximum of 3 NFTs


KOIStarter is a cutting-edge and secure launchpad that strives to empower the most leading projects and promising entrepreneurs with the ability to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.

KOIStarter aims to rigorously examine highly vetted and profitable projects for investors/community and also become an incubator for blockchain startups with great potential.

In detail, KOI Innovation supports and empowers potential blockchain entrepreneurs, and startups in many forms, from consulting, orientation, and mentoring to supporting the development of projects for the international community.

Launched in last November, KOIStarter has onboarded more than 20 projects, helping them successfully raise funds worth millions of USD on many chains (Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, etc.) by conducting different sales pools (Public pool, Community pools and Private pool). KOIStarters clients range from Defi protocol, Gamefi to NFT and Metarverse, including: Legion Network, Defiyield, Okratech, Vulture Peak, DoragonLand, Dot Arcade, Ftribe Fighters, Fota, etc. is a website that provides readers with meaningful and trustworthy information about the emerging crypto economy. Just with one click, users can find well-prepared articles about the main pillars of cryptocurrency in the form of educational materials, in-depth reviews, and comprehensive research.

Launched on May 17th, aims to be the top information portal to share blockchain knowledge for all users and to create a strong blockchain-enthusiast community. Having all news, research, and project information on one platform will help retail investors quickly look up any project entirely in the language they are most comfortable with and make their best decisions.

The platform is aimed at a vision and mission of providing as much value to the crypto community as possible through its 5 content pillars:

  • Crypto Insight: In-depth analysis on any beat of the cryptocurrency market
  • Project Review: Objective assessment about crypto projects, supporting investors on doing their own research
  • IDO Hub: Latest IDO information
  • Earn: Good chances for investors to get access to airdrop events and earning tutorials
  • Press release: The gateway for projects to spread their words to the community is the official media channel of V2B Labs — the major backer of Creator Network, so it would also be one of the biggest and most important arms of Creator system, bringing different information and deepened knowledge to the community, bolstering the image of Creator Network in the blockchain space.

Other pieces of Creator ecosystem

Not stopping with current products, Creator developers will continue to deepen R&D to grasp the needs and be aware of existing barriers in the market to bring better products and solutions to users. Creator Network would strive day in day out to follow our mission of helping the world transition to Web 3.0.

About Creator Network

Creator Network is a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that offers a wide range of products from Defi, NFT marketplace, IDO launchpad to crypto news and media services with the mission of transforming the world to Web 3.0. Creator aims to add more Web3 solutions to the ecosystem to assist users, start-ups and entrepreneurs on their journey of Web3 transformation.

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