Creator Reveals The First Project To Open Presale On Its Launchpad!

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2 min readOct 12, 2021


We are excited to announce to the community that Creator is completing all procedures prepared for the launching of a play-to-earn NFT mobile game as the first incubated project.

The game features dragons — mythical creatures representing the power of ancient empires. It possesses excellent graphics that are equally sharp and sophisticated in each design. Players are promised to have a fantastic immersed experience with captivating gameplay and a chance to earn rewards that consist of NFTs and tokens.

The project is planned to have its IDO on Creator’s launchpad in late November. With the booming of the gaming industry coupled with blockchain and Metaverse, this event promises to expand the circle of benefits for CTR holders. A number of investors will have exclusive access to the presale of the game while holding CTR might give them chances to buy in-game items including weapons, equipment, materials, or resources at discounts.

This is just the very first move to add more utilities for CTR tokens and boost the profit distributed to holders. In later Q4, we will release 2 more projects, one is a platform that supports Defi services and one is an NFT marketplace for selling all NFTs items. Users could enjoy investing in CTR in various ways apart from staking and farming CTR native tokens.

This is such an ideal time to start holding more CTR! Refer to these platforms to buy the token:





About Creator’s launchpad

Creator’s launchpad is designed to support clients to raise funds and run pre sales to retailers. At that moment, Creator Launchpad could help them to proceed with all the complicated procedures like: pre-marketing, executing the sales events, token listing, staking, vesting, liquidity mining after the sales.

A certain percentage of funds raised from projects will be used to buy back CTR to be distributed to CTR holders and Creator Treasury, ensuring to expand the circle of benefits for our holders. The flexibility of Creator Launchpad will encourage all sizes of clients to kickstart their own businesses.

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