Creator will soon introduce its Launchpad in Q4–2021

Recently, Creator has revealed its business model which shows its full services including No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp, NFT and DeFi services. And one of its spearhead services needs to be mentioned: Creator Launchpad!

For all CTR holders, you don’t have to wait more! After a period of focusing on project development, Creator Launchpad is on the final stage and will be introduced soon to everyone in Q4–2021!

It’s time to fulfill your bag of CTR and get ready for the big bangs to come!!!

By holding CTR tokens, all investors can participate in presale events of all projects which launch in Creator Launchpad. Additionally, 2% of funds raised from projects will be used to buy back CTR to be distributed to CTR holders and Creator Treasury.

Hint: We already have 02 projects (backed by V2B Labs) in a row to do presales on Creator Launchpad, one is a Yield Aggregator Platform, one is a Play2Earn NFT Game. And more potential projects will come in the upcoming months.

What is Creator Launchpad?

In the Creator platform, we provide No Code Smart Contract and Low Code DApp services.

After launching DApp in our platform, there is a high demand of raising funds and running presale to retailers. Creator Launchpad could assist all customers with completing all of the difficult procedures like: pre-marketing, executing the sales events, token listing, staking, vesting, liquidity mining after the sales.

About Creator

Creator is a Block chain as a Service (BaaS) platform that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the DeFi and NFT World. Creator’s Blockchain features shall broaden the gate for every game studio and developers to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry.

Creator has an incredibly friendly UI and multiple enhanced background services. Hence, with or without IT/ Blockchain skills, by filling out some initial information and a few clicks, anyone can simply go live a Smart Contract or DApp.

Creator’s chain is based on the Polkadot/Substrate for true interoperability, user-driven network governance and customizations that focus on Defi, NFT and other services.

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