Creator’s Quiz Series at Global Blockchain Congress: Detailed instruction

On the threshold of the Global Blockchain Congress event, Creator is excited to bring you a chance to win up to $150 by joining our Quiz Series.

The quiz event will be held on Creator for 3 days. There will be a totally DIFFERENT QUIZ EACH DAY but focuses only on 1 topic — the participation of Creator at Global Blockchain Congress.

How to win

All you need to do is to complete the Daily Quiz which consists of ONE QUESTION about the topic and some SOCIAL TASKS on Creator official channels. If you don’t know much about the event, you can easily acquire information on Creator’s ecosystem as well as on

Event details

Event schedule (Detailed rules will be announced accordingly)

  • Quiz 1 Feb 10, 2022
  • Quiz 2: Feb 11, 2022
  • Quiz 3: Feb 12, 2022

Winners: 5 lucky participants for each quiz

Total rewards: $150 ($10 for each winner)

How Creator picks winners

We will choose the winner by filtering correct answers first and then choosing lucky ones in that filtered list.

Please be noted that we have all rights to choose the winners and NO winners can win twice. Also, we will check all the participants so make sure you complete all the tasks. Those with unfulfilled tasks will not get any reward.

The event only lasts for 3 days so let’s grasp this chance right now!

Find out more about Creator on our official website and social channels

Website | Telegram |Telegram ANN| Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Git




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Creator Platform

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