Creator’s Smart Contract Race

Creator No Code Smart Contract MVP had officially been launched on Oct 5th. On this first MVP launching, some smart contracts are available, including ERC-20 , ERC-721, ERC-1155 — the most familiar smart contracts in the field.

To help everyone experience an interesting journey on our MVP, Creator team decided to organize a Creator’s No Code Smart Contract Competition, supposed to encourage technology enthusiasts for showing their talents and passion in the crypto world.


Total Reward: $500 USDT

  • 1 First Prize: $100
  • 2 Second Prizes: $50 each
  • 4 Third Prizes: $25 each
  • 20 first Smart Contract owner: $10 each

2. Schedule

  • No Code Smart Contract (NCSC) Submission time: November 01, 2021 (00:00 UTC) — November 10 , 2021 (11:59 PM UTC).
  • NCSC Internal Evaluation: November 11, 2021 — November 14, 2021
  • Result Announcement: November 15, 2021. Results will be announced via Creator’s Official Channels.

3. How to participate

  • Deploy your own token based on Creator No Code Smart Contract MVP: ERC-20. If you still don’t know how to deploy, click HERE to get full instructions.
  • Each participant needs to follow the constructions for creating a token: Name of the token, Token’s symbol, the number of decimal places after the comma of the token, Total number of tokens to be issued, etc.
  • When a token is created successfully, users need to add a token to MetaMask wallet successfully to enable supply tokens to your wallet.
  • The token initially held by the largest number of holders will get the highest reward.

CLICK HERE to get full instructions on How to join and win this “race”!

4. How do we choose the winner?

All participants need to submit your information including: your Metamask Wallet address, your Smart Contract address which you have created, and a screenshot that proves that you have created your own smart contract.

Link to submit results:

  • 1 First Prize: Person who has the highest number of holders
  • 1 Second Prize: Person who is on top-2 highest number of holders
  • 4 Third Prizes: People who are on top 3–4–5 highest number of holders
  • 20 first Smart Contract owner: Top 20 fastest people who finished creating their own Smart Contract on Creator’s platform, and submitted the Form earliest.

5. Disclaimer:

The Creator Team has the sovereignty to decide who is the winner. The result will be announced on November 15, 2021. So just submit the form and stay tuned!

Find out more about Creator:

Website | Telegram |Telegram ANN| Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Git




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