Creator’s Token Management is ready to live

Creator is honored to announce that Creator’s upcoming features will be lived on Dec 31,2021. The full services of 4 Mainet Smart Contracts, Staking — Farming Smart Contract and Token Management are ready to enrich Creator’ ecosystem and bring out the best experience for our users . In this article, we will mainly focus on the Token Management function.

How to create your own token?

In the previous article, Creator has revealed about the release date of Creator Mainnet No Code Smart Contract: Bep-20, Bep-721, Bep-777, Bep-1155 and Creator will deploy Smart contracts with ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 and ERC-777 standards which are known as the most popular smart contract standards in the market now. It means that users can create their own tokens easily on multiple networks from Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum Chain. First of all, you are required to connect your Metamask wallet to Creator’s No Code Smart Contract site. The second thing is submitting your email as a requirement. And then, all you have to do is to fill in a simple form and complete the transaction with your crypto wallet. Read more HERE for the instructions.

So, What is a Token Management Smart Contract?

The usage of Token Management Smart Contract to grant your token’s data and functions can be managed easily, who create their own token. Once created, your tokens can be managed in the Token Manager dashboard which caters to your needs of mining and burning tokens in a seamless and efficient manner.

Fungible Token Management

As you can see in the picture aboved, it shows the Token Management’s dashboard of your created tokens which were created on ERC-20 Standard. The dashboard illustrated 4 main information of your token as Standard Network, Contract Address, Name of token and Symbol of token. You can check your created token in detail by clicking a Detail Button in the last column.

As picture below, all the information of your token has be shown in detail as:

Owner: Your Metamask wallet address

Standard: ERC — 20

Token Name: Name601

Token Symbol: GB

Token Decimals: 17

Total Supply: 1600

Contract Address: 0x27787fedbf***********2de0

Extension: Burn

Note: Total Supply is the only one information that you can change. It means that you can enter the quantity of the token you wanna burn (the quantity of burned tokens need to be less than total supply). And then, click on “Confirm Button” so your total supply will be edited.

Non-fungible Token Management

As we all know, ERC-721 and ERC — 1155 can represent and control fungible and non-fungible token types. And of course, our Token Management Smart Contract also includes both NFT management function and NFT view in detail function.

In the picture below, it shows in detail of an NFT item. All the information of a NFT item has be shown in detail as:

Owner: Your Metamask wallet address

Standard: ERC — 721

Token Name: Creator

Token Symbol: CTR

Contract Address: 0xdd047Fb***********CCC39

Extension: Burn

Token Description: An overall description about your NFT item.

Note: If you want to increase the number of NFT items, just simply click on the “Mint Button”.

The screen will show notification as picture above, you need to fill in all required information as:

Name: Name of tokenID

Copies: Number of copies

Description: Description of tokenID

Note: Moreover, you can completely burn your NFT item in case you want to reduce the number of NFT iems or delete it. Just by a simple click on the “Burn” button. The screen will show the notification as in the picture above, all you need to do is click on the “Confirm” button, everything is done.

Token Management for Staking and Farming Smart Contracts will be released in January, 2022.

In the cryptocurrency space this is understood as giving users some kind of right or reward for as long as they don’t transfer some tokens in their possession.Staking and Farming Smart Contract will encourage users to hold tokens against token trading, which in turn is expected to drive up the token valuation.

It’s about time we made our smart contract a bit cooler with some added functionality. Let’s increase the utility for the token by adding some profitable functions to stake the token and receive rewards from it.To create your own Staking Smart Contract on Creator Chain Network when the mainet is ready. You can check the instructions in detail HERE.

Token Management Smart Contract also gives users the capability to create and remove functionalities of staking and farming smart contracts. However, this function will be released in January, 2022.

Creator team believes that Token Management Smart Contract provides outstanding value. In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market, this is a must for all smart token issuers.

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