FAQs about Creatorchain Testnet

  1. The creator team has recently finished implementing the testnet. What features will you focus on Creator Testnet?

Creator Testnet will have some features as follow:

  • Use the existing Ethereum-based tools they know and love, like MetaMask, and Remix
  • Substrate Validator Set Pallet to add/remove authorities/validators using extrinsics, in Substrate-based PoA networks

2. Is the CTR token for testnet distributed?

The Creator team was thrilled to receive a record-breaking number of over 166k participants, registered for testing Creatorchain Testnet. CTR tokens have been allocated to all qualified participants (10 CTR each). You can check your wallet now and start testing Magnet Testnet.

3. Is testnet ready for users?

Creator’s Magnet Testnet was officially launched on Oct 1st, and ofcourse all users NOW can start building and developing on our Magnet Testnet!

Important information:

If you still don’t know how to use, read full instructions on 3 given links below to get more information:

4. Do you have any event or competition for users who try Creator Testnet?

To express gratitude to the community for its tremendous support up to this moment, Creator team is holding Creatorchain Testnet — DApp Competition

All developers and technology enthusiasts are welcomed to join our Competition.

Read detailed instruction here: https://creatorplatfor1.medium.com/creatorchain-testnet-dapp-competition-9060ae3d820e

5. Is winners list for testnet airdrop event announced?

Creator has announced 100 lucky winners list for this event and the total reward of 2,000 CTR tokens will be distributed to all winners as soon as possible.




Blockchain-as-a-service Platform

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Creator Platform

Creator Platform

Blockchain-as-a-service Platform

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