Full instruction on how to participate all IDO on KoiStarter

Creator is so excited to countdown to the launch day of KoiStarter Launchpad. Since the day we revealed information about KoiStarter, we have received many questions about our launchpad. We’re here to help you with your questions! We’ll explain each phase of the participation process in this post. Once you’ve familiar with it, you’ll be able to apply it to any public sale on our site.

The flow of joining IDO is: Connect wallet ⇒ KYC ⇒ Stake ⇒ Join whitelist ⇒ Deposit ⇒ Claim tokens

1. Connect Wallet

Step 1: Go to website: https://koistarter.io/ (website will be available on Nov 16, 2021)

Step 2: Click the “Connect Wallet” button in the header to connect your wallet.

Step 3: In the Connect Wallet popup window, choose the network among Ethereum, BSC and Polygon networks and the corresponding wallet you use.

2. KYC your account

You need to perform KYC verification before you can apply the whitelist for joining the IDOs.

Step 1: Go to the “My Meal” tab on the Navigation bar to get redirected to the My Profile page.

Step 2: Your KYC status should be Unverified, clicking the “KYC Now” button will redirect you to perform KYC on Blockpass.

Step 3: After clicking on KYC Now, a new popup will appear as the picture below, you click on “Start” to begin the verification process.

Step 4: Now you need to fill in your email address to continue

Step 5: A magic link is sent to your registered email, kindly check your email to continue.

Step 6: The email which is sent to you will be as below. You click on “Continue Registration”

Step 7: Fill in all the necessary information to complete the KYC process.

The documents required for KYC verification are as follows:

To finish the KYC procedure, you should provide all the required information as above. Blockpass will examine your submission once it has been submitted. You can now close the window and log out. Then wait for the result from Blockpass which will be sent directly to your registered email address.

If you are unable to complete KYC as a result of this, please contact us via Creator Global group

Step 8: When your KYC’s status on KoiStarter changes to “Verified”, you can start accumulating KOI points first.

Note: Examining KYC will take time, you should KYC now to be verified soon and get ready for the IDO days.

3. Stake

There are 2 options for CTR holders to stake CTR tokens

Option #1: Stake $CTR on Creator website: https://staking.creatorchain.network/

Get the instruction here: LINK

Note: The total fee we collected from organizing IDO will be used as the rewards for people who stake $CTR in Creator’s Staking pool (only 90-day pool and 180-day pool)

Option #2: Stake $CTR on the KoiStarter website: https://www.koistarter.io/

Follow the instruction below to stake CTR tokens on the KoiStarter website:

Step 1: Click “Staking” menu on the header to stake directly on KoiStarter.

Step 2: There are 2 choices for staking on KoiStarter: Add liquidity pool with the pair BNB-CTR or ETH-CTR and Stake CTR tokens.

*Number 1: Adding liquidity pool with the pair BNB-CTR or ETH-CTR

#1: If you’re on the BSC Mainnet, the pair you’re going to add is BNB-CTR, when you are on the ETH Mainnet, your pair is ETH-CTR.

Now you can click on “Get BNB-CTR LP” to go to Pancakeswap exchange where you can get BNB-CTR pair; or in ETH Mainnet, you will link to Uniswap where you can get ETH-CTR pair.

Note: You should connect the same wallet address which you connected on KoiStarter.

#4: After getting the pair BNB-CTR or ETH-CTR, you can back to KoiStarter website, then on the Liquidity pool, you click on “Approve” to allow KoiStarter to use your pair tokens.

#5: After clicking on Approve, your Metamask will appear and show the approving fee. After checking the fee, you click on “Confirm”

#5: After the fee is submitted, you can input the amount of BNB-CTR you would like to add to the liquidity pool.

*Option Number 2: Stake CTR tokens to KoiStarter’s pool

#1: After clicking on “Staking”, you choose the CTR pool, then click on “Approve” to allow KoiStarter to use your approved tokens. Then, your Metamask appears and shows the approving fee.

#2: After your transaction is submitted, you’re able to enter the amount of CTR tokens that you want to stake in. Then click on Stake.

Note: This CTR pool will lock on 7 days, and APR is 10%

Step 5: Now you can click on “My Meal”, then choose Tier to know what is your Tier.

4. Check your Tier

After staking CTR tokens on Creator Staking Pool or staking CTR tokens directly on KoiStarter website, you will be generated with the respective tier.

The tier of each user on KoiStarter is determined by the total number of KOI points they own.


Detailed Tiers

*Application for Private group and Private sale allocation depends on specific project.

You also can upgrade your Tier by clicking on “Upgrade”.

5. Apply Whitelist

Step 1: Choose the pool which you want to join IDO, then click on “Join competition”

Step 2: The Whitelist popup is shown after clicking “Join competition” button

The requirements to join the whitelist are different for each pool and are decided by the project team.

Step 3: Before clicking “Submit” button on the popup, make sure that:

Note: Tier Ume (3) and Tier Kiku (4) are guaranteed to be whitelist winners.

5. Deposit Tokens

Step 1: You can check your allocation by: Select the pool for which you have applied whitelist successfully and open its detail. Your maximum allocation is mentioned in the “Current Max Allowed Allocation”

Step 2: To deposit tokens, you need to click on “Approve” button then confirm the transaction fee.

After the transaction is submitted, you can enter your deposit number then click on “Deposit” button.


Tier Kiku (4) is guaranteed to join the Pre-order Phase.

Tier Ume (3) can definitely join the Guaranteed Phase.

Tier Matsu (1) and Tier Take (2) are allowed to join FCFS Phase (First Come First Serve). Tier Kiku and Ume still are able to join FCFS Phase.

6. Claim Tokens

After the Deposit phase has finished, you are able to Claim your tokens. The claim schedule is based on each project, hence check the claim schedule carefully before joining the pool.

Click on “Claim” button to take your claimable tokens transferred to your wallet. Then, check your wallet to make sure you have received the tokens to your wallet.

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