[GBC Day 2 RECAP] Creator’s irresistible heat towards Investors

Feb 22nd was the last day of the 9th edition of the Global Blockchain Congress. It was such a hard-working but productive day with Creator’s representatives who attended the event.

A day of meetings and connections

Despite not having to be on stage and deliver a speech in front of hundreds of attendees, Creator spent most of their time on meetings with angel investors who were extremely interested in us and our product like: Crypto Oasis, Andromeda Capital, Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, DEX Ventures…

Particularly, in the meeting with QTUM Chain Foundation, we were so pleased to have warm but productive conversations with the VC Investment Manager, Dmitry Perepelkin. Qtum is an open, permissionless blockchain and ecosystem enabling the possibility of building robust decentralized applications, smart contracts, DeFi-products, and NFTs. The meeting was not only about mutual understanding but also explored the Creator’s roadmap and project development.

QTUM Chain Foundation’s VC Investment Manager in conversation with Creator’s representatives

To Creator, this concept of the meeting will be an early sign for potential strategic partnerships to be established not only with QTUM Chain Foundation but other investors to perfect our core product in the future.

Creator’s journey just begins

With an aim to bring the Vietnam Blockchain industry closer with global investors, Creator knows the responsibility to help them understand thoroughly about investment potentials in the local market. We did not only introduce a statistical crypto report but also impress our opportunities in empowering Blockchain to flourish aggressively in the field.

Creator’s CEO (right) and CMO (left)

Creator highly appreciates the chance that GBC brought to project owners and investors only in 2 days. We believe that the concept of the one-on-one meeting will help us to effortlessly pave our way to prosperous investments and product completion journeys.

Although GBC has delivered their ending remarks, Creator has more to announce afterward. Don’t forget to follow us!




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Creator Platform

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