Global Blockchain Congress — A gateway send Creator to the Moon

Creator is overwhelmed to attend the 9th edition of Global Blockchain Congress at the end of Feb 2022. We believe this occasion will provide us an opportunity to empower the Blockchain industry and simultaneously perfect our ecosystem.

The Global Blockchain Congress is a closed-door, by invitation only, exclusive event that connects, via pre-arranged and pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, crypto projects that are raising funds with pre-qualified investors from all over the world.

Joining the Congress as a Gold Sponsor, “how much we contribute to the event” is not what’s on top of our minds. Our primary goal is mainly to increase awareness about the importance of empowering the DeFi and NFT world, via Creator, which was facilitated well with the guidance and assistance of fast-executing, technical teams, blockchain experts. In the long run, mass users can experience Creator as an Optimized chain where play-to-earn games and NFTs can’t stop flourishing.

Global Blockchain Congress provides Creator with an organiᴢed gathering of top-notched projects. Their advanced ecosystems and mechanisms can give us extraordinary insights to help inspire us to innovate our own project.

The event’s model of connecting great projects directly with a fantastic set of investors in one-on-one meetings is definitely rewarding to us. There are over 80 investors from 75 countries that are seeking investment opportunities. It cannot be denied that this will be a one-of-a-kind occasion for Creator to expand the business networks, share our own ideas about the project and find suitable angel investors and venture capitalists.

Most noticeably, Creator will be able to get exclusive access to apply for TDeFi’s Accelerator Program. Getting access to TDeFi program means Creator can receive world-class mentorships, investor relations, marketing, token advisory services, and much more support from groups of professionals and serial experienced entrepreneurs.

Creator’s extremely looking forward to the Congress taking place. We will keep you posted about it on our official channels.

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Creator Platform

Blockchain-as-a-service Platform

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