Global Blockchain Congress — An event helps to empower Blockchain industry

Creator Platform
2 min readFeb 14, 2022


Creator is delighted to attend the 9th edition of Global Blockchain Congress from 21 to 22 February, 2022 in Dubai, UAE. We believe that this event is a golden opportunity for us to see the world and help us to transform our project into an Optimized chain for Games and NFTs.

Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai has been a serial event, taking place 3 times a year. This is an event for crypto enthusiasts who love to integrate and network with suitable angel investors and venture capitalists.

In 2021, Global Blockchain Congress accomplished 3 editions of the event. The most recent congress was the 8th edition that took place on November 8th and 9th 2021. With a theme of GameFi, the congress gained outstanding success with more than 450 attendees, 120+ investors (40 international), 56 speakers, 24 sponsors from 18 different countries, and many strategic and media partners.

The 7th edition of the Global Blockchain Congress has the theme of “Celebrating DeFi and NFTs”. This is the first event in the MENA region to explore the challenges and opportunities of NFTs which were able to raise millions in funds for the participating projects.

With the theme of “Blockchain Funding Pre and Post Covid-19”, the 6th edition of Global Blockchain Congress proves that the Blockchain industry is not immune to the uncertainties of the market like the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. 450 investors and more than 120 blockchain startups and 120$-Million raised funds proved the effectiveness of the event in empowering the Blockchain.

Parts of the Blockchain world have been discussed in Congress’s edition from scratch. Also, a variety of opportunities was given to crypto startups to thrive and now they can’t stop flourishing by prosperous investments of min $5m.

This year, the 9th edition of GBC comes with a theme of “The Decentralized Digital Reality: A gateway to the Metaverse, GameFi & DeFi” which will be extremely up-to-date with the current market trend. Creator’s participation as a Gold Sponsor at the event will help the project get closer to the aim of an Optimized chain for Games and NFTs.