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2 min readAug 17, 2022


Dear our beloved community,

We’re sincerely broadcasting a big announcement. Since 25th August, 2022, we’re pleased to announce Mr.Jason Vu as our new CEO of Creator Chain Network.

Mr.Jason Vu — CEO of Creator Chain Network
Mr.Jason Vu — CEO of Creator Chain Network

Prior to Creator, Mr.Jason Vu had a long-experience as the Marketing Manager at Kyber Network, a DEX utilizing Kyber Network protocol. After a long time expressing dedication and devotion in each product of Creator’s ecosystem as an adviser, it is beyond doubt that Mr.Jason is a highly experienced, successful, and well-regarded business adviser. In just one year, Mr.Jason brought a unique set of skills and perspectives to counsel a range of Creator’s products such as: KoiStarter, Koi Innovation, Builder news and upcoming is our first NFT collection — Shiniki and yielded an apparent result.

Thereupon, after overcoming a lot of difficulties and challenges with the Creator team, we believe Mr.Jason Vu is the suitable person for the position of Creator CEO. Thereby, Mr.Jason will take the place of Mr.Tony Tran as a CEO and Mr.Tony will keep undertaking as an adviser for Creator in the upcoming stage.

With the vision of bringing V2B Labs to thrive globally, expanding the network and enlarging the business model for the next stages of growth, Mr.Tony Tran will focus on growing and improving V2B Labs’s business, furthermore leverage Creator’s position in an indirect way as Creator is the first and core product of V2B Labs.

And lastly, we believe this will hone strategic direction, grow and develop CTR utilities, bring the maximum benefit for Creator’s investors and CTR holders by countless qualified-products. In the near future, the Creator will keep making 100% efforts to build and launch the best quality products on Creator’s ecosystem, maintaining our mission: Bringing to the world the most essential and revolutionary blockchain services: Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, No Code Smart Contract, Low Code App and other DeFi services.

There will be a lot of big changes in the Creator’s ecosystem, promising value and practical products into daily life for all users. Stay tuned and get updated from us!

Kindly welcome our new CEO on 25th August, 2022.

Best regards,

Creator Team.