Koi Innovation: Creator’s New Chapter in 2022

  • For the first time ever, $CTR holders can participate in the earliest funding stages of startup projects (seed or private rounds). It is commonly unusual for investors other than angel investors to make investments in startups. Therefore, this is a hard-to-get opportunity for $CTR holders to lay the foundation for the majestic masterpieces that eventually yield a profitable business.
  • As they are on the same board as other early birds, $CTR holders, specifically Kiku tier in the first phase and Ume tier in the following phases, can raise their voices, generate feedback, and develop other approaches to strengthen projects launching on KoiStarter in order to increase notoriety, prestige, and name recognition across communities.
  • Any members in the loop can also bring proposed projects to the table. Then we will work as a team to critically evaluate those candidates and decide to invest in them or not. These opportunities may be taken to scale startup projects in the crypto space.
  • Participating projects can acquire the ability to scale faster with access to dedicated resources, industry exposure, valuable networks, and mentorship from KoiStarter community. These assets will allow them to fine-tune their business model, further connect with instrumental business partners, thus, perfecting the product-market fit and building a scalable marketing footprint.
  • Whenever the team receives incubated projects, Koi Innovation will support them in terms of:
  1. Creating criteria for developing assessment including business model, project base and team, etc.
  2. Connecting with key partners for further guidance in various specializations including blockchain core, tokenomics, marketing, fundraising, partnership, etc.
  3. Marketing and communications with event execution, KOLs/influencers collaboration, VCs, exchanges, agencies management.
  • With the bullish booming of the blockchain industry, blockchain-oriented projects start to grow in numbers. Venture capitals and investment funds normally have to go through hundreds of projects every day to come to decision on whether they will invest in the project. By integrating with Koi Innovation, VC managers can save time reviewing a large quantity of projects as high quality projects have been shortlisted by our team. This will be easier for VCs to determine their growth potential.
  • Koi Innovation will allow VCs, KOLs/influencers, and partners to expand their connection with high quality and potential projects. With these projects signifying sprouting branches, VCs, KOLs/influencers, and partners will yield more befitting mutual benefits in the long run.




Blockchain-as-a-service Platform

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Creator Platform

Creator Platform

Blockchain-as-a-service Platform

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