KoiStarter Launch Celebration Airdrop

Total reward: 10,000 CTR

Winners: 500 users

Schedule: Nov 16, 2021 — Nov 20, 2021

How to participate and claim

1. Follow Creator ANN and KosStarter Announcement

2. Join Creator Group and KoiStarter Group

3. Follow Creator and KoiStarter Twitter

4. Chat with our bot @koistarter_airdrop_bot and completed all the required tasks


- Creator will randomly pick 500 users who have fulfilled required tasks.

- The winners’ list will be released on Creator’s Twitter and Telegram channel on Tuesday, Nov 23 and tokens will be distributed after 10 days since the winner’s announcement.

Creator has all rights to decide and distribute CTR tokens to the winners.

- We will check all the participants so make sure you complete all mandatory tasks. Those with unfulfilled tasks will not get any reward.



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