Maximize The Benefit For Shiniki Holders While Staking The NFT Collection!

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3 min readSep 8, 2022

Today we’re joyfully bringing you a party full of rewards while engaging in the Shiniki NFT collection!

As in the previous article, we’ve already brought to holders an appetizer called “Shiniki NFT collection”, and today, the main meal will be officially revealed, bringing the Shiniki holders to a perfect banquet!

The Shiniki collection had made a huge impression with CTR holders and other NFT lovers recently since its first unveiling, therefore, with the aim of providing the best comprehensive feature and exclusive benefits for holders, we’re thrilled to bring the best rewards for NFT enthusiasts.

“The Shiniki Marketplace’’ — an all-in-one platform where each and every project has the chance to approach a wide range of products.

Possessing An Reward Party When Staking The NFT Collection

Taking an infinite reward while staking the NFT on Shiniki marketplace! Yes it’s true, all the Shiniki holders will seize the reward-earning opportunity through the staking action and earn:

Transaction fee + Royalty fee + CTR token

This is such a once in a lifetime opportunity for all the NFT lovers to both possess their exclusive collection and earn massive rewards. Dive in this excellent news right below!

  1. Earning Transaction Fee

It’s known that Shiniki is on the short sprint for the first special milestone of its Marketplace and this could be booming in the future. Thereby, while staking the Shiniki NFT collection, as the first collection on its NFT marketplace, Shiniki team will extract 50% transaction fee from the NFT marketplace to distribute rewards for all NFT stakers.

For staking the NFT, users will directly go to the

2. Earning royalty fee

As can be seen from the previous article, the Shiniki collection will be first launched on Opensea & Looks Rare. Hence, the royalty fees on each marketplace will be extracted 50% to distribute for stakers.

3. Earning the CTR token

As the nonstop development of the Creator despite these market conditions, with the proof is the birth of Shiniki, one of the latest products contributing to the CTR ecosystem. The Creator prospect is believed to flourish and thrive, bringing the Creator name far beyond in the future.

Taking Whitelist Slots In The Upcoming Projects On Shiniki

The golden vision of Shiniki marketplace is to catch the eyeballs of the NFT enthusiast community, hence, building a full-functionality marketplace, which will increase the opportunities for both individual artists and NFT projects to enter this ferocious industry.

Possessing the NFT collection at this stage, the Shiniki holders will also take the priority of whitelist winning from the incubate projects launching on Shiniki marketplace.

We believe all the rewards above have been to get you out of the blue! Be in a hurry or you will miss this big chance! Follow our channel to get more updates!

About Shiniki

Shiniki is an NFT collection derived from a myth about the Shiniki Chronicle — a mystery legend about the war between ancient gods of sky and earth. Shiniki is a collection containing 7,777 avatars, each having unique characteristics based on the roots of land. This quantity is equivalent to the chaos of 7,777 gods & demons being born.

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