NewsBTS Rated Creator As A Rising Star In The Blockchain Industry

After the successful IDO and future development being revealed, Creator has gained more attention and admiration from not only crypto enthusiasts but also many experts and professional publications.

Recently, NewsBTC has written an insightful article about our project. NewsBTC is a long-established news service located in London, United Kingdom that delivers hard news and analysis about innovations in cryptocurrencies. In the article, the news agency has covered all the latest activities and portray Creator’s business model intertwined with their own views.

NewsBTS tracks and mentions Creator’s listing on Uniswap, Pancakeswap,, Coingeko as well as farming in KyberDMM and UniFarm. They consider these moves are primed to increase CTR accessibility, bring giant profits for long-term investors and make us one step closer to a fully-fledged service platform that empowers DeFi and NFT users.

In their opinion, Creator is unlike most open-source platforms that give nothing back to the original creators, Creator is designed such that Alice can receive the revenue generated from the sale of that smart contract to other third-party users. Going forward, Creator is set to become a DAO, where 70% of fees collected from activities in the ecosystem will go to fund staking regards with another 30% to a Creator Treasury that will be used to incentivize the growth of the ecosystem. Long-term investors could earn not only huge profits but also authority to make decisions at Creator Chain’s system with our new Business model which has been revealed recently.

Creator is deemed to be a potential project which caught the eye of several investors and boasts of the backing of venture capital firms such as Master Venture, V2B Labs, Exnetwork Capital, X21, Oddiyana Ventures, DarkPool Liquidity to mention a few.

As the Blockchain-as-a-Service trend continues, a host of big institutions are jumping on the bandwagon to provide the ultimate platform for moving and exchanging valuable assets on the internet. Simply put, the applications for blockchains and smart contracts are endless and Creator is at the forefront of this disruptive revolution.

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