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4 min readOct 3, 2021

Remix is one of the most popular Ethereum programming environments for smart contracts. Remix may be utilized directly with a Creatorchain Testnet due to Creatorchain’s Ethereum interoperability capabilities.

This guide walks through the process of creating and deploying a Solidity-based smart contract to a Creatorchain development node using the Remix IDE.


You should have a MetaMask installation connected to Creatorchain testnet with at least one account that has a balance. It should look something like the picture shown below:

Getting Started with Remix!

Step 1: Launch Remix by navigating to

We will create a new file to save the Solidity smart contract. Hit the “+” button under File Explorers and enter the name MyContract.sol” in the popup dialog

Step 2: Navigate to the compile sidebar option to press the “Compile MyToken.sol” button

Step 3: Deploying a Contract to Creatorchain Using Remix

Now we can deploy the contract by navigating to the Deployment sidebar option. You need to change the topmost “Environment” dropdown from “JavaScript VM” to “Injected Web3.” This action requests Remix to use the MetaMask injected provider, which will point it to Creatorchain Testnet

As soon as you select “Injected Web3”, you will be prompted to allow Remix to connect to your MetaMask account.

Press “Next” in Metamask to allow Remix to access the selected account.

Back on Remix, you should see that the account you wish to use for deployment is now managed by MetaMask.

Now you press “Deploy

Step 4: At this step, you will be prompted in MetaMask to confirm the contract deployment transaction.

Now press “Confirm”

Step 5: After you press confirm and the deployment is complete, you will see the transaction listed in MetaMask. The contract will appear under Deployed Contracts in Remix.

Once the contract is deployed, you can interact with it from within Remix.

At this moment, you are able to interact with Creator Chain Testnet! Hope you have an interesting discovery journey in our Testnet! And don’t forget to give your feedback on how you drive it! Kindly join our Telegram group to make sure you are supported and get all answered questions.

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