Yield Farming, the next beneficial “wave” bounce off CTR Holders!!!

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2 min readSep 14, 2021

Creator team always works with highest effort to create maximum benefit to Creator community as well as the Crypto community. One of those is creating a Farming system to make Yield Farming for $CTR holders. Catch a glimpse of what $CTR holders can get from farming as below.

Creator collaborates with KyberDMM to build a farming pool which will be released soon in the next several days, and $CTR holders now should prepare for the upcoming dual-farming (earn both KNC and CTR) on KyberDMM. Moreover, by joining this Yield farming, you can farm $CTR to earn more $CTR as a reward in the pool we create.

In addition, we are developing the Creator Chain ecosystem with the fist incubating project being a dragon NFT game. So, $CTR holders are able to farm not only $CTR token, but also other token pairs on Creator’s ecosystem like the dragon NFT game we incubate. As a user, while you farm the game token in our ecosystem, you can also earn more game tokens and increase EXP/level in that game.

Besides, Creator team is creating an NFT marketplace which enables $CTR holders to trade NFT products in our marketplace by $CTR token.

Last but not least, $CTR holders can farm in a governance vault pool that operates as a DAO. $CTR holders will be able to vote on changes and decisions on Creator Chain. Your voting power will be proportional to the quantity of $CTR tokens you own.

It’s time to load up your bag with more $CTR, and prepare for the upcoming Yield Farming! Stay tuned in our official channels to get the latest announcements!

About Creator

Creator is a Block chain as a Service (BaaS) platform that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the DeFi and NFT World. Creator’s Blockchain features shall broaden the gate for every game studio and developers to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry.

Creator has an incredibly friendly UI and multiple enhanced background services. Hence, with or without IT/ Blockchain skills, by filling out some initial information and a few clicks, anyone can simply go live a Smart Contract or DApp.

Creator’s chain is based on the Polkadot/Substrate for true interoperability, user-driven network governance and customizations that focus on Defi, NFT and other services.

Contact us via this Email address: info@creatorchain.network

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