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2 min readDec 29, 2021


We are excited to announce that Creator Loyalty Program Service — an ultimate customer care solution for DApps, is on the final stage to introduce to the community in early 2022.

In the context of DApps having more and more users, Creator understands treating loyal customers is one of the priorities contributing to a project’s sustainable development. With the goal of being a full-fit Blockchain-as-a-Service platform where you can find comprehensive crypto-project services like the recent No Code Smart Contract, we are about to launch a Loyalty Program service.

What is Creator’s Loyalty program service?

Loyalty Program Service is developed to provide exclusive “sincere care” to loyal users of DApp that utilize Creator’s service.

The service’s goal is also to ensure a full customer journey on the NFT marketplace based on profitable packages for each project to reward its users.

We design the service with 4 ways encouraging users to join DApp projects by asking them to complete activities paid with sustainable benefits as below:

  • Check-in daily: Users will receive a cumulative reward once signed in to the app daily.
  • Invite new users to join: Successfully inviting a newcomer to the platform will grant users a reward.
  • Share information on social channels: Users can get a reward for each social channel connected by sharing certain information on their social channels.
  • Make first purchase: A huge reward will be given to users if they complete the first transaction on the app.

Why should you look forward to our Loyalty Program service?

As already mentioned, one of the most significant incentives of the program is the rewards if users join and complete the activities. In other words, the more actions they make, the more prizes they shall receive. The utility of the prize can vary based on the user’s needs. Not only can they be converted into a certain amount of tokens (BUSD or CTR), but the rewards can also be exchanged for coupons to buy NFT in the marketplace.

At the same time, the program service satisfies DAapp projects by providing an effective and efficient solution for their customer-care policy just with a low service fee. Meanwhile, with the goal of directing users from awareness to buying decisions, Creator ensures that the projects can expect improved numbers of transactions within a short period of time.

Our ultimate goal is always to build and deliver real products which have true intrinsic values to the market. Hence, we strongly believe that our Loyalty Program service will not disappoint you.

Let’s wait for the official launch of the Loyalty program service for more updates on this fantastic service!

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