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10 min readSep 9, 2021


On Septem 04th, Creator held an informative AMA session in our Creator community. The AMA was successfully held with the involvement of the project’s CEO Mr Tony, and special guest, Mr Imran, CEO from SafeLaunch with many outstanding questions answered.

Catch a glimpse of what transpired in the discussion below.


✨ ✨ We’re excited to announce our CTR AMA 2 — Road to IDO session with special guest Mr Tony — CEO Creator and

Mr Imran — CEO Safelaunch 🥳🥳

Welcome two guests to today’s AMA @tony_ctr and @CEO_SafeLaunch

Mr Tony Tran

Hey hey Hey

Mr Imran

Hey guys!

Mr Tony Tran

Good evening from Vietnam!

Mr Tony Tran

How are you @CEO_SafeLaunch ?

Mr Imran

I’m great! Thanks for having us here, how’s it going?

Mr Tony Tran

Creator Team is busy for these days

Mr Imran

I bet! coming upto IDO is always crazy busy :)

Mr Tony Tran

But we are happy on the BIG DAYS of Creator is coming

Glad to have you here in the meeting for sharing to our community !

Thanks Mr Imran


And for the AMA to start, I’m going to mute the group right now!!!!!!!

Well thank you two guests we’ll start with questions for @tony_ctr is CEO Creator

Can you briefly introduce yourself & how you get into crypto?

Mr Tony Tran

Yeah, Let me introduce our close partner @CEO_SafeLaunch first.

Mr Imran

I started in crypto over 7 years ago building my own mining rigs from the ground up, navigating the crypto space and specialising in blockchain investment analysis I then went on to launch SafeLaunch a decentralised venture capital community with an integrated LaunchPad allowing our SFEX holders invest in seed, private, and public IDO rounds of exciting tier 1 early-stage projects.

Mr Tony Tran

Such a long run but interesting. You have a big team now!

Hello, welcome to all of you. I’m so thrilled for the first time to be here with our Creator big community!

Today’s AMA would be so special to be hosted in our own home, and having the participation of our special guest, Mr Imran — CEO of SafeLaunch.SAFE LAUNCH

My name is Mr Tony Tran- the CEO and Co-Founder of Creator.

Few words about me, I started working in this field for over 15 years and leading VMO Group — one of the top 10 IT companies in Vietnam. Well, such a certain time. Right?

My experience spreads from all IT-related to business-related topics.

I have a huge passion for experiencing the latest technologies, so I never let myself miss out on any technology updates such as front & back-end applications, programming languages, along with the market trend which is crypto and blockchain currently.


Yes, thank you for the introduction from 2 guests. We will continue with part II

Answer frequently asked questions

Question 1: Let’s talk in detail about #Creator project. What are the main features of the project?

Mr Tony Tran

Thanks Host.

Creator is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the DeFi and NFT world.

Creator’s blockchain features shall broaden the gate for every game studio and developers to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry.

Creator is outstanding for 4 main features: No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DAPP, Loyalty program, and Defi services.

As below picture

Creator has an incredibly friendly UI and multiple enhanced background services.

By filling out some initial information and a few clicks, any one (with or without IT/Blockchain skills) can simply go-live a Smart Contract or DApp.

Creator’s chain is based on Polkadot/Substrate for true interoperability, user-driven network governance, and customizations that focus on DeFi, NFT and other Blockchain Services.

>>> For more details, please go to the official website.


Yes, thanks for the answer from the guest, let’s continue with the second question

Question 2: This is for our guest, Mr Imran. In your opinion, How is Creator different from other projects?

Mr Imran

Creator is looking to use blockchain-as-a-service to cater for non-technical businesses and allow them to easily create and deploy smart contracts, with Creators no code smart contract deployment solution companies are now able to run their own NFT market places with very little technical knowledge. This is a huge jump forward for the blockchain scene and will be able to see more widespread adoption and ideas within the crypto space.


Yes thank you , next question :

Question 3: How about the IDO plan? Where and when do you plan to launch? @tony_ctr

Mr Tony Tran

Let me share with all of you our BIG DAY.

Creator will launch $CTR IDO on Ignition Paid at 11:00 AM UTC & Moon Starter at 1:00 PM UTCon Wednesday, September 8th, 2021.

And soon after that TGE will be at 4 PM UTC on the same day in Uniswap

For the IDO on the Ignition Pad, Creator has an allocation of 3,000,000 CTR tokens to purchase for holders at a fixed price of $ 0,1.There will be a fixed allocation of 1,000,000 CTR tokens on Moonstarter Launchpad for purchase.

This is an amazing project of our dedicated team, we ourselves are looking forward to the IDO.

Stay tuned & join us!


Well, I often get over excited when thinking about the future of Creator. Could you share some thoughts about it, @CEO_SafeLaunch ?

Mr Imran

I think Creator is a fundamentally strong project with an excellent team — all the ingredients for success in crypto. In addition it has strong tokenomics to reward its supporters. I echo your excitement for the future and can’t wait for IDO!

Creators also got amazing backers and such a vibrant community

Mr Tony Tran

Thanks man!


Yes, thanks for the answer from the guest, next question

Question 4: How to participate in the IDO on Ignition Paid & Moonstarter ?

Mr Tony Tran

Well, this is the most asked question at the moment!

Well, in Ignition PAID Network, the whitelist has closed recently for a few hours. We are verifying and the winners will be revealed very soon in the next few hours. Keep following us to not miss the announcement!

The IDO on Ignition’s time is 11AM UTC Sept 8.

You guys can take a tour on this post to get to know what are the next steps to participate IDO in Ignition:

For others who have not got the chance to do a whitelist in Ignition, don’t worry. The chance to get whitelist spots is not over! 2 days left for you to complete the whitelist on Moonstater.

You can join now by complete Gleam Competition tasks:

For more detailed in how to participate CTR IDO in MoonStarter, you can have a look at this link:

You guys just keep an eye on our official channels to not miss anything for the IDO day!


Yes thanks we will continue with the closing question part II

Question 5: This question is for Mr Imran. As an advisor of Creator, could you share a little bit about How will Safelaunch support Creator?

Mr Tony Tran

Such a good question to Irman. His team help us so much on marketing activities and community

Mr Imran

SafeLaunch is looking to support Creator in many ways, upto now we’ve been able to help with some of Creator’s market strategy through our channels including a community fund raise on the SafeLaunch platform. We’re also looking to support Creator in future endeavours including helping future projects Creator may incubate and providing strategic advice.

Mr Tony Tran

Cheers, man! All the best for Creator project and more works in the near future.

We’re definitely looking forward to Creators launch and supporting Creator going forward :)


Wow thanks for all the replies from the guests we will continue with part III

Part III: Answer questions collected from the Creator community

Question 1: Let’s say if I am a developer who wants to make smart contracts/dapps here, and I don’t have any knowledge about smart contracts or IT, if I have made smart contracts/dapps here for my business, will I be helped here? Is my business running smoothly or is it just an assistance in the creation of dapps/smart contracts? Thank (@Itrader11)

Mr Tony Tran

I always love to hear the questions from the Community.


Developers and sellers are exactly our target audiences when coming up with the idea to develop Creator. We are here to help you and all non-IT people out there.

By using Creator platform with its plethora of built-in services, the non-IT users/sellers will have the best experience in the NFT marketplace in terms of creating their own store.

For developers even with a lack of blockchain knowledge and poor experiences in making blockchain applications paying tedious fees but receiving the low performance– With the use of Creator platform, the developer can create DApp with reduced processing times, reduced fees and convenience to development. No blockchain skills are required.

In short, we are completely qualified to help you build up your own Contract Smart/DApp easily, whether with CTR platform or any other chain like Polkadot, BSC, Etherum or even more chains in the future!


Thanks for the reply from the guest

Question 2 : Can you talk about the future of digital assets and blockchain technology? Will it affect the worldwide revolution, or just be a trading game for the partial people? (@pronoy99)

Mr Tony Tran

Well I think this question is absolutely for Mr Imran! Can you share your insight, @CEO_SafeLaunch ?

Mr Imran

Sure! :)

I think with the recent boom we’re already seeing significant uptake by the wider public. With countries like El Salvador already saying bitcoin is legal tender. I think this is only the start for crypto getting legitimate recognition in the wider world and the start of it being used in place of fiat for transactions, retail and other applications

With Creator building it’s BaaS service this will see a wider adoption of smart contract use by the average Joe as they take most of the technical hardships away

Mr Tony Tran

Agree with you. Nowadays, blockchain technology is more reliable applying on different domains and activities.


Thanks for the reply from Mr Imran | SafeLaunch , next question

Question 3: Currently most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some advice on why they should buy and hold this token/coin in the long term? (@sanamalik6629)

Mr Tony Tran

Interesting question!

First of all, I’d like to partly reveal our business model, which will be released after IDO.

CTR holders will receive enormous benefits including farming, staking, exchanging NFT products in the CTR market place, and even voting DAO, which is critical to the success of a project.

Moreover, CTR token has a high level of liquidity; long-term investors can utilize CTR token to trade with other projects that have been developed in our ecosystem.


Thanks for the reply from guest @tony_ctr , next question

Question 4: I read in the CTR project roadmap about the NFT Marketplace test version in Q1 2022.

My question is, is the marketplace to be a place for buying and selling for all projects NFT or specifically for NFT from the CTR project? and how sure is NFT can be successfully applied to the market crypto? (@ardi_f)

Mr Tony Tran

Sure thing, we are developing the NFT marketplace for all, firstly for CTR, then following other projects. NFT can be the use case of picture, music, fashion, or even luxury products.

As our mission, we would love to provide an ultimate platform, where non-IT and non-blockchain people can easily access NFT. The more people are able to tap in NFT world, the more value it will bring to the digital as well as real-world.

There were many doubts and disbelief when Bitcoin was first introduced, but now we all can see the rocket development of it. And I believe that would be the same for NFT while the demand is in a wide range.


Thanks for the reply from guest @tony_ctr , last question

Question 5: What do you expect from the NFT dragon game you are incubating and will we get to see even better games like PUBG in the future? (@ravijha7)

Mr Tony Tran

With dragon game which we are incubating, we aim to create not just a game but also a strong community for players to have better experiences.

Our blockchain integration shall allow players to participate deeply in the game and ecosystem. This will definitely empower the network’s value and contributions.

Unlike other dragon games, this one integrates the talk of the town these days — NFT to increase the gaming experience for players.

Players can farm, collect and trade our immersive characters using the NFT, changing their purpose from only playing to getting emerged in the collection platform and experiencing characters in different ways.


Yes, thank you to the 2 guests who had time to attend the AMA at Creator today

Mr Tony Tran

Thank you all for tuning in today! It was great talking to you guys! Looking forward to seeing you again in the next AMAs and hope you guys will accompany with Creator in the development for a long run.

Once again, thank Mr Imran for joining us for a great AMA today!

Hope we will chat more in the next events!

For the last saying, I would like to warn everyone that recently, we discovered there are many fake accounts that present Creator Official Group in order to act a huge scam!

Please be reminded that Creator Official Team HAS NOT launched our token yet!

Any other channels announcing pre-sales or flash sale are FAKE!❌

Mr Tony Tran, [04.09.21 19:54]

❗️Please always be careful of scammers and before giving out your money! Creator Team will not take any responsibility for any of the scam cases!

❗️ Follow our official channel to keep updated with most accurate information!



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